7 Stylish Gifts for Savvy Newlyweds

You know the couple: smart, career-minded, and they seemingly have everything. They’re getting married and you’re stuck with the unanswered question, “What gift should I get them?” Somehow, a simple 4-slice toaster or a tilt-head mixer just won’t do! Don’t fret, as there are plenty of stylish gifts to grace them with on their happy day. 

Let this curated list inspire you to offer unique gifting choices:

  1. A Wine Subscription What do you get the couple who has everything? More wine, of course! With a wine subscription, they will be able to customize their preferences. They will be among the first to sample new varietals and various flavor profiles.  As new aficionados they will pride themselves on becoming amateur sommeliers.

Numerous companies offer wine subscriptions, look for the different features and customizations available:

  • Wine of the Month Club
  • Winc
  • Firstleaf
  • The Sip
  • Blue Apron
  • Bright Cellars
  • Martha Stewart Wine Co.
  • SommSelect
  1. An Insulated Rugged Road Cooler – Available in various appealing, muted colors, a rugged cooler is designed to keep ice, cold as ice with at least two inches of insulation. It is constructed to last with rubber latches and a tough exterior. This cooler can be taken anywhere and will stand up to the elements, and many critters who wish to share the gastronomic delights kept cold inside. Small and highly insulated coolers are the perfect gift for those who are adventurous travelers.  Beachcombers, hikers, back country roadies and just about anyone who expects to visit various destinations to celebrate natures gifts, needs a dependable cooler. If you can imagine the newlyweds spending lots of time with their toes in the sand, or in well-worn hiking boots, a dependable cooler will keep their drinks and favorite foods refreshingly – chill.
  1. A Visa Gift Card – What’s the one thing that every post-wedding couple can use but may never ask for? It’s not like they can clearly state on their gift registry that they would like cash. Yet, it’s also the one thing that can give them exactly what they want, because they will be able to spend it on whatever they desire!  Stuffing paper bills into the wedding card just isn’t classy, or stylish.  A Visa Gift Card allows you to provide it all – at once. Upload a photo of the happy couple at their engagement party, or all of you together, with text that reflects your most sincere sentiments. The Visa gift card is super easy to order online, and the happy couple will be beaming with gratitude. 
  1. Hire a Honeymoon Photographer. The time, effort and money spent on the actual wedding ceremony can be astronomical. Every picture is planned out to the “nth” degree, with the entire wedding process accounted for in pictures. However, what about the honeymoon? Traditionally, couples have relied on strangers to take pictures of them standing in front of iconic scenery, or even (gasp!) spontaneous selfies to capture the occasion. Hiring a honeymoon photographer will prove to be a lasting and valuable gift they will enjoy throughout the years.
  1. Offer the Elegance of Superbly Crafted Wine Glasses Even if you have everything, you can never have too many well-crafted wine glasses!  A big round wine glass elevates the taste of the wine that swirls within it releasing more aroma. Getting each glass etched with the first initial of their last name, or individually etched with their first names, adds personal significance.  There are different wine glasses for every varietal of wine.  The stem allows the wine to be held but not compromised by the heat of the hands.  Choose glasses made of from mouth-blown lead-free crystal. The newly weds will savor every buttery chardonnay and bold cabernet while thinking very kindly of you. Today’s crystal wine glasses are chip and breakage resistant for years of celebratory imbibing.  
  1. Provide a Treasured Leather Valet Box Getting married means sharing possessions! A leather valet box is the perfect place for this special couple both to keep watches, bracelets, tie clips, rings, cufflinks, and any other valuable accessories safely and stylishly tucked away. No more searching for that lost watch, or earring backing, or dealing with all those bracelets spilling out onto the vanity table!  
  1. Choose Snuggly Custom Robes – Nothing says, “Hello world, we’re happily married,” like matching bride and groom robes. Whether they are made of satin, 100% cotton or silk, are black or white or somewhere in between, custom robes will be the hit of their honeymoon and well beyond. Emblazon the backs of the robes with “Hubby” and “Wifey” or the more traditional “Bride” and “Groom” or even “Mr.” and “Mrs.” Whatever best reflects the personality of the newlywed couple is what should be chosen to represent their loving union.

When making wedding gift decisions, remember that there are a number of choices that will likely resonate with the newlywed couple. Keep their personality, lifestyle, and future goals in mind, and know that whatever you do choose should also reflect your love for them!