7 tips for effective logo design

Modern businesses rely heavily on communicating effectively with their potential customers. Marketers create strategies to ensure that people can interact with a business in a variety of ways. Therefore, business owners spend a great deal of money creating visual tools to engage and interact with people. Today, the logo is not just a commercial symbol to identify a company and its products or services, but it helps to create a strong brand identity. And you will need a logo that will communicate your overall branding. For example, if your logo is related to sophistication or luxury, logos with crowns can make it relevant and unique to your brand.

A logo serves many purposes in the modern world of business. You can send a correct business message to your target audience. A professionally designed logo has the power to turn people into loyal customers. In fact, there are many ways that a well-designed logo can serve your company and business.

Here are 7 powerful tips for effective logo design

01. Know the brand

Before you start designing your logo, make sure you have an idea of ​​the brand. Keep this in mind that the logo must reach a particular group of people, which is your target market and target customers. So, write down what your business, brand, and market are all about. Find out what the brand’s ideology is and what inspirations it has for the future.

Get to know the personality of the brand as well. Is it a common product type brand or a niche brand, in terms of its tone. What is the way you want to project yourself in the middle of your market and your customers? All these details should be ready in advance. Such information will serve as a guide for creating your logo design. You will choose particular elements from your brand when you create your logo.

02. Reflect the nature of your business

Make sure your logo is fully capable of representing your business. The colors and images used in your logo should align with the business you run and the products or services you deliver. It is when a logo is aligned with your business that it will create a brand identity for your company in a competitive market.

Target customers will also understand the message you are trying to convey when the design reflects your business and its values ​​or attributes. So whether you are starting from scratch or redesigning your company logo, keep these tips in mind for establishing your logo and business in a competitive market.

03. Printing is crucial

Your logo design should make a lasting impression on the market you customers are in. Just looking at your logo should capture and mesmerize people. The logo works for a business by attracting customers over and over again once they have a good impression of the design.

To create an impression, make sure your logo is unique, which means that the graphic design must be based on an all new concept to make it stand out from the crowd of logos on the market. The logo must also be better in design than its competitors.

04. Use colors in a planned way

Colors play a crucial role in determining a brand’s message. For example, if you use red as the main color in your logo, you will send the brand message by being aggressive, passionate and energetic. This means that your brand aims to target young customers. If blue is the main color, it will evoke feelings of intelligence and togetherness. This is the reason why most social channels like Facebook and LinkedIn have logos in blue. If you want to create a social media page, consider having blue as the main color in your design.

Use bright, bold colors to grab people’s attention. But these colors should also speak to the personality of your brand. Remember that each color evokes an emotion, which becomes your message to viewers or customers. There is a science behind the use of colors, which clever and modern graphic designers use effectively.

05. Choose your fonts carefully

Many designers simply do not pay attention to the selection of typefaces and choose them at random. The fact is, typefaces speak to the personality of a brand. For example, a typeface used for a toy company logo is likely to be a handwritten typeface. This is because children are the target customers and you want to project your brand as a kid-friendly business.

Similarly, if you are creating a logo for a rock band, choose bold fonts that create a strong personality for your band. Therefore, make sure that there is no discrepancy between the typeface you chose and the personality of your band. If the choice of typeface doesn’t speak for your brand, the logo will send the wrong signals to your potential customers.

Also the use of using gimmicky fonts. If possible, use your own unique fonts that you canbe created especially for your logo. You can also think about using very high-quality fonts that are now available for free on the web. Logos like Coca-Cola are recognized for their custom fonts. By using correct colors you will create a truly unique and recognizable logo and brand identity.

06. Choose the type of logo

Do you want a logo that has your company name as its main feature? Famous examples of logos include the RayBan, IBM, and Coca-Cola logos. If you choose this option, your company name will be visible to customers immediately. This means that your logo will also become your brand’s advertisement. You won’t spend a lot to generate publicity for your brand. The logo will straight away advise the name of your company to people. Small businesses with a small marketing budget benefit from such logo designs.

But if you choose to have a symbol as your logo, it will require you to spend a large amount of money to raise awareness of your brand. Famous companies that use symbols as logos include the Apple logo,which has a bite taken from the apple as a commercial symbol.

You can also think of a combination logo that has the company symbol and name. Such a logo will express the name of your company together with a commercial message of the symbol.

07. Keep it simple

All expert logo designers and any graphic designer will agree with this advice. They all put additional emphasis on creating a simple logo design for their graphic design services. When we talk about a simple logo, it implies that there must be the use of one or two colors, fonts and other elements. Viewers should get the message at first glance from the logo. But if there are too many confusing colors and fonts or a complex logo shape, it will send a mixed signal to the viewers.

A simple logo is also a memorable design. Most of the global businesses are represented by their simple logos. Take, for example, the Nike logo. It is a simple swoosh logo. The Pepsi logo is made up of two only main colors only. The Samsung logo is more subdued with only one color. The Apple logo is even simplified in design by having an apple as a symbol of its business. The simplicity of the design is not restricted to logos only, in fact, all of their digitally designed products like brochure design, business signs and store frontage etc. should be simple, clean, and orderly.

Many companies have their name on the logo, while others only have an illustration. Both types of simple logos are capable of fully capturing the attention of customers. Your logo can have colors and images, but the target audience must be able to understand the design. Avoid creating a complex logo that has a lot of colors or fonts or a grid of lines, as such a design will be too ambiguous. You can see the Google logo. The Google logo is one of the most recognisable, yet simplest logosto identify.

Remember that a simple design can easily be remembered and the public does not have to strain to understand the company and business behind the logo again. Therefore, the simplicity of a logo goes a long way towards creating a brand identity as customers can easily remember the company and its businesses.

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