8 Stunning Before-and-After Living Room Transformations to Get You Inspired

No home can do without a stylish, yet comfortable living room. The living room is where guests are entertained and where families bond. Some people even use this space to watch movies together or play games. Whether you use the living room for entertainment or for relaxing with your family, the multipurpose room needs to stand up to constant use. 

Is your living room looking a bit dull or tired? Maybe, it is time for a little refresh or perhaps, a complete makeover. Below given are some incredibly stunning before-and-after living room makeovers that give you plenty of inspiration. So, take a look to make your living room look like it’s worthy of adorning the cover of Elle Décor or Architectural Digest

1. Before: Just a Blank Canvas

The space is too white. While it’s great to use such soft colors to create a calm and comfortable space, living rooms need a dash of color to look alive. This living room looks extremely basic. But, the good news is that you can treat white spaces as a blank canvas and let your imagination run wild. 

After: Stylishly Crisp

The star of this living room is the subtle, yet super stunning wall treatment. This can be achieved using adhesive caulk. From the standard and basic look of the room, adding a linen sofa cover in pastel color instantly updates the look and delivers a very soft dose of color. Alternatively, you can get an upholstered or Italian sofa if you were looking to replace or upgrade the seating of your living room. Also, the addition of a vase with flowers uplifts the mood of the room. 

2. Before: Dull and Tired Traditional

This traditional-looking living room features a dated mix of red and warm yellow hues. Heavy carpets, deep marigold walls and brown leather furniture is giving this space a cluttered and dark appearance. 

After: Revived and Refined

From the tired traditional look, the living room gets transformed into an airy and refined space. A fresh coat of crisp paint lightens the walls and a set of beautiful accent chairs adds fresh seating for family and friends. The leather sofa set in a mute color with comfortable cushions adds energy to the overall design. Even the addition of printed window curtains makes the windows stand out. 

3. Before: Dark, Heavy and Incredibly Boring

The dark furnishings and the heavy carpet make this living room feel gloomy and cramped. It is not a space where one would enjoy long conversations throughout the night. 

After: Airy and Light

All it needed was getting rid of all the heavy furnishings and simplifying the décor of the living room. The room needed to breathe. The white-colored wall in the background complements the furnishings. There is a subtleness throughout the décor of the space. A small coffee table and upholstered seating bring the space alive. 

4. Before: Lacks Character

The single-pane windows look drab and the white-sheet covered sofa only adds to the drabness of the space. This is an utterly charmless living room and your guests wouldn’t be impressed with this. 

After: Airy Beach Charm

The living room with no character transforms into a space giving out beach vibes. It has bleached pine flooring and the walls are pale grey. The charismatic décor is complete with a plush sofa, cushioned stools and a lovely wooden table. If you want to bring the entire beach indoors, you can even add a hammock or a swing in the living room. 

5. Before: Just a Pass-through Space

This living room does not have any real identity or character. It has no personality. It doesn’t even look like a living room where someone would want to sit and chill. This is just a big room with a few furniture thrown around. The décor is anything, but inviting and warm. 

After: Cozy and Comfortable

The uninviting living room is completely transformed into a warm, cozy and welcoming place with the walls coated with two-tones of blue-grey plaster. The patterned area rugs do a good job of dividing the large room into intimate zones. Mismatched side tables, a plush sofa set with floral upholstery and the wall covered with artwork lends a cool vibe to the room. 

6. Before: Extremely Basic

A living room is meant to be an extension of you, your personality. It cannot be basic. This is the room that people see first as guests are generally not allowed inside the master bedroom or the kitchen. This living room has nothing going on for it. The furniture and even the carpet is just making the room appear dull and standard. 

After: Refreshed and Eclectic Personality

This living room looks like it has an eclectic personality. The restored walls uplift the aesthetic appeal of the room. The modern chandelier hanging from the ceiling is an accent piece and seems to be tying together all the other décor elements in the room. The seating is comfortable and the table serves while appearing stylish, thanks to the area rug underneath it. 

7. Before: Empty

This living room stood empty before it was transformed. 

After: Bold and Comfortable

Black is not necessarily a bad color for your living room walls and this space proves it. The contrast in color between the walls and the furnishings is making this living room stand out. It has an impressive vibe. While the walls are black, the furnishings are in light colors and mostly white. Some patterns have been introduced in the form of cushions and the area rug

8. Before: Dull and Simply Boring

The scant furnishings and dull walls downplay the potential that this living room has. It is a large space, but grossly under-decorated. 

After: Light, Bright and Rejuvenated

The renovated living room appears to be bright, refreshed and welcoming. The windows have blinds and the wall has a single artwork, which acts as a focal point of the room. The small table in the living room is decorated with flowers and brings a touch of the outdoors inside the room. Everything seems well-organized and the furniture is comfortable to lounge in for hours. Hopefully, these before-and-after transformations of the living room will give you some idea to get started working on yours. You can even take a stroll around a furniture showroom to check out the latest designs and styles in home furnishings.