9 Amenities to Look for in Your Luxury Condos

Luxury condos provide an excellent lifestyle with the perfect balance between security and comfort. However, not all condo buildings are made equal. It is important to have a solid understanding of exactly what amenities a building has before you purchase. Understanding these condo features will allow you to make an informed choice and evaluate the value of the amenity fees.

When looking to purchase a luxury condo, you should secure a list of the amenities. Seeing the condo in-person is very important. The pictures that you have seen may not be up-to-date or may have been strategically taken. Also, it is very important that you ask about the opening times and availability of these amenities. Make sure you can access these amenities according to your schedule.

When you are on finding luxury condos for sale, here are the best amenities that you should look for:

Concierge and Security Services

As amenities go, this is not typically one at the top of everyone’s must-have list, but it is essential. Safety is a huge factor in condo living. Knowing that you have a gatekeeper can provide great peace of mind. This security guard helps to prevent unauthorized entry into the building. 

Concierge services also receive and securely store packages on your behalf. This ensures that your deliveries are not just sitting outside of your unit door all day. Rest assured your packages are secured when you’re at work or even longer when you are on vacation.

Rooftop Deck

Outdoor space is at a premium and many condos are now being designed with an outdoor space on the roof of the building. These can be an oasis where you can relax and enjoy the view of the city. 


With gym prices on the rise, having a gym in your building covered by your amenity fees can be extremely beneficial. One great advantage of having a condo gym is that you can shower in the comfort of your own home. 

In luxury condos, these gyms are often underused. You will likely be pleasantly surprised by how empty they are, allowing you to work out according to your ideal schedule. You will not have to wait for equipment like you would at a regular overcrowded gym. 

Guest Suites

Having out-of-town guests come and stay at your condo can be very exciting. However, if your unit is on the smaller side, the space can get very cramped quickly. Guest suites often provide a comfortable and private space for your guests to stay. These are usually significantly cheaper than a local hotel. Plus, they have the convenience of being in the same building as you. 

Meeting Rooms

For the increasing number of people working from home, sometimes you may want a larger space to meet with clients or coworkers. These meeting rooms provide an area where you can do exactly that. This is much more professional than hosting a meeting at your dining room table. High-speed internet and the room to present are huge bonuses too. 

Party Rooms

These are large spaces that have a kitchen, dining area and several comfortable chairs. You can book these out for an evening or day event and host large gatherings. Many residents of luxury condos host annual parties. You can take pride in being the host with the most and show off our building at the same time.

Media Rooms

With comfortable reclining chairs and projector screens, you will be able to watch movies and sports as they were meant to be seen. There is often enough room to have a few friends over too, so you can all enjoy the snacks and drinks you want. The cinema experience in the comfort of your own home is a great way to spend an evening. You can always quickly pop upstairs and keep the party going.

Outdoor Pool

These are becoming quite sought after with recent condo builds. An infinity pool on the roof of your luxury condo is perhaps one of the most Instagram-friendly places you will have access to on a regular basis. The views are spectacular, and you are sure to wow your friends with just how spectacular this space is. 

Reading Room

These also double as a place where you can get a little bit of work done, especially if you work from home and want a change of scenery. Many condo buildings set reading rooms up as a mini library of donated books. Residents will donate books and take one that they haven’t read before. These can offer a quiet space for reflection, reading, and relaxation.