A Complete Guide to Custom Printed Packaging

Many researchers and business analysts have seen the rising trend of custom packaging in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. There are many online and reputed companies in the USA that are offering custom printed product boxes. But unfortunately, many people who like online shopping don’t know much about the custom packaging. So, we have decided to write a complete guide about the custom packaging. People who are looking for online shopping can get benefit from reading this guide. Just read this complete article till the end to know about the custom packaging in detail.

We know that every physical product requires some packaging material for it. There is a variety of options that is available in the market. About 20 to 30 years ago people were choosing pre-made packaging items for their boxes. Pre-made packaging means the items that are readily available in the market and are in stock at any time. Most of the time pre-made packaging items are white in color and have no printing on them. They are available in general sizes that are not specific to your product. Also, most of the time, options of printing is not available on the stocked items. While some of the companies are selling their own designs that are used by many people. But you can’t claim that design as that is owned by the company that is selling those items. Click here for best online logo maker.

Need for Custom Boxes with Printing

The boxes that are able to be customized in the required shape, style and sizes are known as custom boxes. That simply means that you can customize the packaging of your item in different dimensions according to the need of your product. But just custom boxes are the half part of the story. The main thing is the printing of your own artwork on the custom packaging. Along with all these features, your box is called a custom printed box.

About 5, 10 years ago people were using digital printing on the packaging items. But now the latest technology “offset printing” has cast a spell on the people. This technology is very advanced as compared to digital printing. The results of offset printing technology are amazing and long-lasting too.

Nowadays, companies are designing their own artwork. They hire design agencies to prepare attractive artwork for them. This artwork is printed on their boxes and they manufacture their own custom printed boxes. Usually, companies like to print their logo, brand lines and other important information on the boxes. There are many custom packaging companies in the United States that are offering free design support. It means that they can prepare an attractive artwork for your brand if you are placing an order of printing with them. Also, this design support is free of cost that is obviously amazing news for the people who are starting their new businesses. This news is also a blessing for small businesses. In short custom printed boxes are far better than the pre-made packaging items.