A tea eye cream can take good care of eye puffiness

Aging causes loosening of the facial skin that tends to wrinkle and form small bags under the eyes due to the weakening tissues and muscles. One of the most visible signs of aging is puffiness under the eyes that look like small bags and become a concern as it affects the looks and reveals the age. As the fat surrounding the eye bulges out, the area looks like a bubble which looks quite unsightly. Most women prefer to maintain their youthful looks for years by dealing with the signs of aging and use various methods and skin improving creams and lotions to keep puffiness of the eyes under control.

Bags under the eyes are primarily cosmetic issues and rarely underline a medical condition unless the person has any medical history of thyroid disease, Grave’s disease, or allergies.   Several home remedies and cosmetic care procedures can help reduce under eye puffiness, and here are some quick fixes that work well in most cases.

Cold compress

Since eye bags result from swelling and inflammation, the best way to reduce them is to use a cold compress that reduces the blood flow to that area. From a frozen bag of vegetables to ice packs to refrigerated spoons of cold cucumber slices, help keep the area cold by pressing the items on the spot for a few minutes as the swelling subsides. You can get some results by using the skin-improving creams of Nature Republic.

Over the counter creams

 Many cosmetic creams or hemorrhoid creams, specially created to treat eye bags, can provide a suitable remedy for puffiness. Some creams have chemical ingredients like phenylephrine which restricts the blood vessels, thereby reducing the swelling. Other natural remedies like Juara eye cream for bags contain natural ingredients like turmeric, rice, fermented sweet black tea, and clove flowers. Turmeric has rich antioxidant properties; caffeine in tea acts as a vasoconstrictor by narrowing blood vessels. 

The oil and starch in rice treat dry and stressed skin while clove flowers brightens the skin and achieves an even skin tone by controlling melanin synthesis in the skin. The ingredients act in perfect coordination with some other skin nutrients like golden chamomile, illipe butter, and firming five flavor berries to soothe the fatigue eyes while minimizing the effects of dark circles, fine lines, and puffiness.


Tea is rich in caffeine that can effectively reduce eye bags. You can place a cold tea bag on the tired eyes and see how the eye puffiness reduces after some time. Caffeine acts on the skin and restricts the blood vessels that reduce the blood flow to the affected area and smoothens the bulging to some extent. 

The cosmetic creams use a mixture of antioxidants, calming agents, and botanical oils that can work wonders for tired eyes by rejuvenating them and helping them regain fresh looks while erasing the marks of aging.  The skin regains its lost radiance and regains firmness that smoothens the area so that the eyes look refreshed and well-rested. The creams created for treating eye bags erase the stress marks and the marks of aging that helps to maintain youthful looks.