AI, ML or Data Science – which one should I learn in 2019?

Is your inner voice pushing you to acquire a new skill for upgrading your career? But, are you still busy curbing that voices and are making a million excuses to avoid seeking a beginner’s course? If yes, then this article will give you enough reasons to get rid of your confusions and explore your capabilities of attaining new skills. And, if you are a tech professional, you are going to get extremely lucky in 2019 since it the year of AI pervading every industry that you have ever heard of. Check out this Industry recognized Artificial Intelligence Online Course by Intellipaat which helps you to master the concepts in AI, ML & Data Science and designed for both freshers & professionals.

Organizations all around the world are completely charged to hop on the AI bandwagon and get ahead of their competitors. They are all set to prepare strategies for executing AI, Data Science & Big Data practices and embrace a hardcore technological disruption. This is also giving rise to the demand of professionals holding top data science certifications.

Experts have begun to see AI as a driving force for the next massive economic expansion. More and more nations are starting to understand the relevance of artificial intelligence and are gearing up to welcome it with open arms, mostly in the fear of lagging. Various countries are honing their AI strategies in the pursuance of enhancing their abilities through investment, risk management, incentives, and talent development.

Leaders have put the word out that AI has the power of changing work for good and provide a competitive advantage. A significant number of global biggies from various industries are incepting to believe that Artificial Intelligence can play a huge role in their success. They also think that AI can empower their employees and help them leave their rivals far behind.

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I am sure that now you are done making excuses with regards to obtaining skills in Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Machine Learning. Now, to decide which one you should learn first, have a look at the difference between these three branches of knowledge.

AI, ML & Data Science – How are they Different?

Artificial Intelligence, also referred to as Machine Intelligence, comprises of a multitude of applications like robotics and text analysis. This segment of science is about decision making on the basis of available data, for example, self-driving cars, evaluation business investment risks, assessing medical samples and so on. It is about carrying out tasks that need human intelligence but in a much faster and efficient manner.

Machine Learning falls under the wide umbrella term, Artificial Intelligence. It enables software applications to predict more accurate results without having to be particularly programmed. It is an application of AI that learns on its own and also improves itself overtime when it is exposed to more data. 

Data Science uses ML to conduct data analysis as well as future predictions. It is an interdisciplinary area of knowledge. In simpler words, it is a merger of machine learning with big data analytics, cloud computing, statistics, and other related subjects. One can possess skills in these themes by earning top data science certifications.

Why gain an understanding in AI, ML or Data Science?

Artificial Intelligence will be generating over two million jobs by the years 2025. As per a report by Tencent, a technology company from China, there are only 300,000 ML & AI professionals all around the globe while the job market is filled with millions of job opportunities for white-collars with such skills.

Moreover, a report by Indeed, the famous job portal, says that the requirements for people with ML & AI knowledge has become twice over the past three years. Hence, if there was a suitable time to gain these skills, it would be right now.