Alex Ojjehs’ Text Messages with Paid Companion

A British courtesan revealed she was forced into a privacy agreement with Alex Ojjeh—but the investor violated the agreement and exposed to others her personal information.

The leaked text messages exposed in lawsuit documents show Alex was full of jealousy and he feared he was being watched. 

It is likely the lawsuit will be used in court if the criminal case goes to trial. The woman decided to remain anonymous and said she is only looking for the $100 thousand in exchange for the investor disclosing her.

It was said that the woman has accepted a $80,000 settlement from Ojjeh in July and dropped the lawsuit against the businessman rather than challenge him to receive the full amount.

According to the text messages Alex Ojjeh was paranoid around the time he was seeing her. He began obsessively requesting that she not talk about him to anyone, as well requiring her to deny knowing him and he didn’t want to be seen in public with her. Being paranoid the investor made her sign a non-disclosure agreement that apparently, Ojjeh violated after the two stopped seeing each other. 

The NDA stated she was to keep their time spent together confident and never to disclose anything about him, the agreement bounded both parties to keep the information private. A tech expert working for Alex installed software on her phone that allowed him to protect their discussions. 

The tech genius says Alex tracked many of the women he dated with the same software. 

Alex is under federal investigation expected to be on trial in September the Memphis investor is expected to be involved in activities, but it is ultimately up to the judge to make this critical decision.