Android Or IOS Pros And Cons

Android and iOS are the two trendy and user-friendly operating systems that has made mobile phones smart. Both of these programs are full of innovative features and program environments.There are noticeable variations in Android phone and iOS. Truly discussing, it is a well-regarded decision to pick either in a product or Smartphone for personal use. Android is the most popular used system that is commonly used by phone manufacturers. Opposite to Android, iOS is particularly used by The apple devices like iPhone.

Here are mentioned some benefits and drawbacks.


Change ugly devices

There are a lot of options to modify Android’s OS look in comparison to iOS. The only thing that Apple allows you modify is the wallpaper, but symbols and menus cannot be set. As for Android, you can transform nearly everything. Even the keyboard can be modified to “Swype” for example.

Do it yourself!

Anyone can make programs for Android, so if you have a fascinating idea then you should use “MIT App Inventor” and after that, you can discuss your free Android app with other Android customers from all around the world. And it is not necessary to be a developer.

Get it inside!

Android tablets and mobile phones give you a start access to the heart of the OS. Modify the OS, eliminate unwanted programs and set up applications that you were not able to put in before. Some mobile phones even let you put in a Linux system.

Freedom of choice

Let’s be sincere, the iOS is available only to two gadgets with different display sizes. As for Android, it can be found in a huge assortment of mobile phones and tablets that have different display sizes, with a keyboard or without it, with 8 megapixel digicam or with a built-in gamepad. There is even a microwave operating on Android.



As for now there are few OS editions and some programs suitable only with one edition. Every time OS updates user should personally track each device for an upgrade.

There is no uniformity

Since Android is worldwide producers add various add-ons to their products, so the updates for the phone may not work as predicted. And if we are referring to the old designs, it is most likely that it would not get the upgrade.

Lack of quality control

The reality that anyone can make a program is not only a plus but also a less. On the Android Industry, you anticipate finding a large number of programs designed by experts and only a few made by beginners.


Open Resource is a double-edged blade for Android and a lot of harmful programs have shown up. Hypothetically 3rd party sites that offer applications can be risky however you may happen to get viruses from the Android Industry (so do keep in mind to use some anti-virus software, such as Norton mobile Security.)

This is a concise check of why you should use or not use the latest technology with mobile OS. But finally, only you have to decide which is good or bad and which is safe or risky for you.