Are Weighted Blankets Hot? Truth Revealed

Weighted blankets are great for getting a good night’s sleep, but women are worried about how hot the blankets can be. Nobody wants to wake up hot and sweaty. Too much heat can also cause serious health issues to those who are sensitive to heat.  The question then is, are weighted blankets hot? They are blankets after all. Let’s consider a moment what a weighted blanket is.

What is a Weighted Blanket?

A weighted blanket is like a duvet. What is a duvet you ask? A duvet is lightly quilted and has a filler made from feathers or down. It’s designed to be used with a cover — like a pillowcase — to help keep it clean.

Weighted blankets are made the same way, but their filler is heavier than feathers or down. They are also designed to be used with a cover to help keep them clean.

Now that we know, basically, what a weighted blanket is, the question still remains, is it hot?

The answer is, it depends. The weighted blanket itself is not hot, per se. It’s what goes into the makeup of both the blanket and its cover. Foregoing the cover doesn’t always help keep you cool. There are two main factors that determine if the blanket will be hot or not.


The material that makes up both the blanket and the cover is a very important factor. In fact, there’s a big difference between synthetic and natural materials when it comes to temperature control.

Fleece/Flannel – these two fabrics are very popular for making blankets because they’re so soft. They’re also synthetic which means they not only retain heat, but they don’t promote good air circulation so heat is trapped under them.

Bamboo -a natural fiber with moisture-wicking qualities. It’s also very breathable which helps the sleeper control their body temperature better.

Eucalyptus – another natural fiber that is breathable and promotes good air circulation so heat doesn’t get trapped in it.

Cotton/polyester blends – a combination of natural and synthetic that is also breathable and used more commonly than the others.


All kinds of things are used to fill the pockets of a weighted blanket from plastic pellets to glass as well as beans and other edible fillers such as seeds.

  • Plastic Pellets – retain heat because they don’t move about as much. They are a common filler but not used for “cool” weighted blankets.
  • Glass Beads – small glass beads are cool, and they don’t stick together as other fillers can. This allows for greater airflow.
  • Beans and other edible fillers – most of these will retain heat and stick together over time.  

Another Thing

In addition to these factors, consider room temperature. A hot room will make you hot no matter what. When using a weighted blanket, it’s advised to keep the room between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit.


So, to answer the question: are weighted blankets hot? It really depends. Choosing the right cover is just as important as choosing the right blanket, and the cover could help or hinder body temperature control.