Asaf Elblink – there is a “Warm House” in Ramat Hasharon

Financial distress exists probably since ever, but it is more dominant now in the 21st century. In Ramat Hasharon, which is considered a high living-standard city, there are also families that are beneath the poverty line and need help. They receive help from good people such as Asaf Elblink which operate and contribute in a significant manner especially to the aid system operated by Habad house in Ramat Hasharon, which is managed by Rabbi Yehuda Gutman.

The unique operation of Habad house and “Habait Hacham” in Ramat Hasharon

Habad house in Ramat Hasharon operates in the last 27 years as an association that help on a daily basisto the needy of all ages in Ramat Hasharon. The association is managing cultural activities, special happening days on holidays, courses, lectures, seminars, guidance for brides and grooms, Bar Mitzva’s, Bat Mitzva’s and a series of operations and assistance as part of the social and psychological services on behalf of the city hall. These operations take place parallel to the activities of the ” Bait Ham” in which hot meals are prepared daily for the needy parents and children arriving to eat at the place or to take food home. This place operates regularly also in weekends and holidays and arranges Friday and holiday meals.

In addition, the association operate clothing service in order to provide clothes for children in all ages and enrichment clubs that offer music and sport activities, Krav Maga and even workshops and hobby courses such as wood crafting.

The great contribution of Asaf Elblink

So how does the association manage to operate for so many years and provide so much to the city residences? It appears that with a great will for giving and care to the other everything is possible. Habad house, managed by Rabbi Yehuda Butman is mostly assisted by Asaf Elblink who became one of the largest donors in the city. Asaf Elblink, who is a residence of Ramat Hasharon  helped (and still does) many other residences on purchases in the grocery stores, paying their bills or covering their debts. By this Asaf earned the respect of many families that will never forget his kindness. Rabbi Yehuda Butman that is managing the Habad house and “Habait Hacham” association witness that Asaf Elblink is doing ” a unique and extraordinary service and touch everyone’s heart due to his kindness”.

Human circle of kindness

In order to manage the support and assistance operations, the association is using many volunteers that recruit money and donations from the city and its surroundings residences. Even people that cannot afford themselves to donate money can donate used toys, clothes or electrical devices and to know that there are people who will accept them gladly. The prominence of Habad House in Ramat Hasharon is causing many people to initiate donation and by that a wide human kindhearted circle is performed: One is accepting, and one is giving, without recompence but with a lot of appreciation and gratitude.

According to the data published on the online journalism, there are about 45,000 associations, listed at the association’s registrar, operating is Israel. Unfortunately, less than half of them are really operating. In a more accurate and focused inspection. Done several years ago, it was found that only 700 of them are dealing with the public, arranging food supplies and support needy families.

Updates from the association website

In Habad house of Ramat Hasharon website there are updates regarding all the activities. One can read notifications and interesting stories and specially to enjoy from the wonderful services given in the favor of the community. Habad house trustees also help in fixing Mezuzah, checking mezuzah and Tefillin and consultation regarding traditions made upon new house celebration or Bar Mitzva. In Habad house there is also a store for selling religious articles of high quality such as Tefillin, mezuzah and Yodaika products. Also, as part of the activities of the “Habait Hacham”  there is a training and assistance system called “Ner Laneshama” that helps on matters of mourning and help to organize the prayers and kits for prayers. On the site you can also be updated regarding the existing mourning practices.

Good people along the road

In current days when cost of living is rising continuously while income is not rising accordingly it is wonderful to see that there are good people such as Asaf Elblink that see the people and are willing to improve their well-being, allow them worthy and respectable meals, learning frames, enrichment and leisure activities and a variety of options for every need in the family and community level in Ramat Hasharon. The diverse activities of “Habait Hacham” association reflects more and more the resources that are required in favor of operating dozens of assistance operations that are crucially important to the city residences. Knowing that a system like this is in place thanks to people who care, give a good feeling and confidence which are most important at these times.