Avoid Using These 6 Emojis With Your Crush

So you’ve just met someone awesome, maybe it’s insane, but you told them to message you maybe. So they did so! Now that you’ve begun talking to your new friend regularly, you may be thinking about how to convey yourself in your first discussions with them. That is where the emojis step in.

Emojis may be a brilliant and enjoyable way to spice up the messages that you’re sending out to your crush, but which ones should you be sending out? The options are infinite, and with a Rolodex of emojis that keeps on updating, it may be a little overwhelming to choose only one. 

Some emojis may seem adorable, but they could easily change the mood and ruin the night. Take note of these 6 emojis to avoid sending when you are having a conversation with your crush.

Eggplant Emoji

The eggplant emoji is the king of all flirty-emojis for a straightforward reason: it looks like the private part of a man. Since this is the king of dirty texting, it’s probably not a good idea to send this to a girl you want to have a serious relationship with. 

Yeah, sure it’s effective for sexting, but for crushes and girls you want to pursue, this emoji is a big no-no. Forget about this emoji when texting your crush. Save it when you are on the next level of your relationship. 

Ring Emoji

This emoji is certainly a no-no, particularly if you’re still getting to know your crush! The emoji ring interprets a wedding day. Although it’s necessary to discuss engagement, that is if you are in a long-term relationship already. 

Sending the ring in an early stage could cause cold feet to your crush, particularly if you’re about to plan a casual date. Taking things slow would undoubtedly win the race, and this emoji is not it.

Crying Face Emoji

If you feel sad after an exhausting day, you may feel the urge to express your emotions. It is entirely natural to have a bad day sometimes. However, you may need to think carefully before you text your new crush that crying face emoji.

If they’re your close friends, feel free to share your thoughts for the day. But if it is your crush, try not to focus on the unpleasant ones too much. Your crush can feel a little too quickly overwhelmed by too much info!

Thumbs Up Emoji

Be cautious with this emoji. It can lead itself to mixed interpretations; however, for others, the thumbs up are incredibly passive. When your crush invests their time typing a long note, ending up to getting your thumbs up as an answer, they might feel like they are being neglected. 

That is certainly not the thought that you want them to pull out of your message! Make time and consider writing a positive answer to their text, instead of using your thumbs up with emoji. If you are busy replying, let them know so that you can discuss it later.

Upside Down Smiley Emoji

Oops. This upside-down smiley face could appear as smiling, but its actual meaning is totally different. The developers did not explain what precisely this emoji is about.  But this emoji has come to convey a subtle irritation or disappointment that won’t be a good idea to use with your crush if you two seek to have a serious chat.

This emoji may also reflect a departure from a poor circumstance. Think of it as the reverse of a typical smiley face— externally, they are smiling, but something is off internally. We have a suspicion that your crush is going to consider the same thing if you think to send this emoji.

Crystal Ball Emoji

A crystal ball emoji is used if you want to know about your future. If all you see with the person you are spending time is just a booty call or a short-term thing, there might not be a future to look at. Keshishoglou mentions that even though you really enjoy this love attraction and have been on a few dates, it’s always not a suitable emoji to give. 


Emojis are really entertaining to use while chatting to colleagues. With too many of them to pick from, you can never go wrong. However, when communicating with your crush, it’s always necessary to learn your boundaries. 

Some girls claim they prefer people with a sense of humor — boys who aren’t scared to reveal their dumb side. Yes, that might be true, but don’t forget to send some sweet emojis to spice up your conversation.