Baltimore Jeweler: The Top Jewelry Trends That Are Shaping 2020

Jewelry is everything. When done right, they can uplift your looks. From ancient times, jewelry has been considered as a class. So, if you want to make your blazer, dress, or sweater look stylish, accessorize your looks with the best chunky necklace or statement earrings. Even more, there are numerous options out there. So, you are sure to get jewelry that suits your needs. However, if you are new in the jewelry industry, things can be challenging trying to choose the best one. Luckily, this guide contains top jewelry trends to inspire your next jewelry shopping.

Animal Motif Jewelry

Designers want to make a statement with this jewelry trend. That’s why they come up with a design that incorporates animals in jewelry pieces. From giant scorpions to fish charms, animals can be great additions to the jewelry trends. With animals, you can make your pieces look whimsical. They can also look extremely edgy. In a nutshell, animals in accessories are like an upgrade of kid’s accessories. So, if animals are your thing, then let this trend inspire your jewelry buying expedition.

Here Come the Statement Chokers

During the spring, statement chokers made headlines since they dominated the model’s necks.  This was seen in the Gucci—which embedded 2 of these accessories. On the other hand, Jeremy from Moschino decided to use a set of layered based necklaces. Even more, other popular brands such as Monse debut these buckle options. However, the statement chokers are some of the best trends to reckon for during the autumn of 2020. They can be an ideal solution for those who love wearing V-neck sweaters as well as knitted cardigans.

It’s All about Everyday Objects

Everyday objects have found their ways into jewelry trends. These objects have been turned into accessories—creating attention-grabbing pieces of pieces of jewelry. So, if you want that unexpected touch, then let everyday objects based jewelry inspire you. 

The Supersize Hoops Are Making Serious Inroads

2020 is all about going big. So, consider ditching those dainty hoop earrings of yours and embrace larger pairs. With this oversize inspired trend, you can stand out without necessarily blending in.

The Beauty of Colorful Stones

Spring is all about energy. It injects more energy into people’s wardrobes. During these periods, people tend to shed their puffers as well as ankle boots for sandals and those cotton dresses.  These sunnier days need better welcoming gestures. Thus, add some level of cheer into your looks. Consider investing in bright bubbles. Go for colorful accessories. These colorful stones can truly uplift your looks and make you more elegant. Shop for your colorful stones at top jewelers in Baltimore today!

Shoe Jewelry

Another great trend to inspire your jewelry pieces is the shoe Jewelry. Plus, who said that jewelry is a reserve for the wrists, ears, and neck? No. You can take your game to the shoes and still look elegant. Your footwear can feature chains and other embellishments.

The Bottom-Line

Stylish. Elegant. Classy. These are some of the best things about jewelry. When done right, jewelry can elevate your looks and make you more stylish. The best part, there are a lot of options out there. However, you should choose a piece of jewelry that suits your explicit needs. The above trends should guide you to choose jewelry that suits your explicit needs.