BeautyFix MedSpa: Introduction & Its treatments

Beautyfix Medspa is really one of a kind. Of course, many similar Midspa offer similar services, but no one at Beauty Fix has care, attention and wisdom of people. I initially thought it would be a one-time visit, after the group had bought the contract. Although I’ve actually made some specific additions that I wanted to make myself, I didn’t think I’d spend money fixing those features. But once I got out of the elevator and into the beauty parlor, I was greeted by smiling faces. When I knew I was going to join a treat.

How can i love you Let me count the ways:

  1. Highly accessible office space (I personally go to the flattening location)
  2. Extensive treatment menu at competitive rates
  3. Permanent upgrade of used products for treatment – Evidence-based!
  4. Incredibly friendly, helpful, entertaining and caring staff who make you feel welcome and welcome (Front Desk, I’m looking forward to seeing you!)
  5. Knowledgeable and honest medical specialists
  6. TALENTED interventionists who comply with your lead and ask “What do you expect from it?” earlier than you commit
  7. A clean, beautiful and comfortable waiting area
  8. Dedicated service by phone, online, or in person
  9. Transparency! They inform it like it is along with your pastimes in thoughts
  10. Sanitary global precautions remain in place

I got a BeautyFix via youtuber, and I was able to access it out of the discount code, which was easily accepted and credited to the front desk. I’m not a fan of needles, but I really wanted to get my act together. I first had a free 99 consultation with Dr. Taco. He answered all my complex and baseless questions, so I made sure to book my appointment down the line for a few weeks. I appreciated the free advice and the fact that there was no pressure to move forward immediately.

In my opinion, BeautyFix Medspa is a model and a leader in industry. Why? Because it employs highly registered nurses and aestheticians with the latest, safest and best products available.

A special employee, Julia is not only ideal in her bed style, but she is also an experienced expert in her field, and I clearly recommend her.

Not only is it clear that she really cares, she also avoids the hard-selling point of view, which is unfortunately the trademark of many competitors in this field. You really feel like Julia is interested in you.

Keep hiring such model employees, Beauty Fix Medspa! And from the director of the Hats Clinic, Tiko Giorgobiani, who has assembled an excellent team of professionals. 

Beautiful and clean place with very conscious and friendly staff. This is also very appropriate because they squeezed me for a last minute appointment and did not rush me through. Looking forward to using more of their services!  I now have my best face and thanks to team at BF Medspa. Try Beauty fix Medspa once, I’m sure you will be impressed.