Bedrooms are not Only for Sleeping. Here are Cool Seating Ideas for Transforming this Room

Much more than a place to sleep, your bedroom should be a space where you can relax and escape after a hard day. Besides the obvious bed frame, area rug and side tables, incorporating casual seating can turn your bedroom into a space favorable toward other relaxing activities like, reading a book or meditating. 

Every bedroom is unique and the reason behind wanting a seating space in the bedroom varies from person to person. So, here are some of the most stylish and simple bedroom seating ideas for you. Before innovations, it is useful to get rid of old furniture. Junk semoval service solves this problem.

Cozy Seating at the Foot of Your Bed

The foot of your bed is a wonderful way to incorporate a seat. There are myriad seating options that you can try, depending on how much space you have in your condo or 3 BHK apartment bedroom. Some of the top options are:

  • A bench – You can place a bench at the foot of your bed to easily create a relaxing spot. You can sit on the bench to take off and put on your shoes, or use it to hold your clothes, extra pillows or bags. To avoid running the aesthetic appeal of your bedroom, choose a bench slightly smaller or of the same width as your bed so that the bench feels like an extension.
  • Pair of ottomans – If you don’t want to draw too much attention to the seating area, get a pair of matching ottomans. Ottomans work beautifully in small spaces and are also easy to move around. 

A Comfy Chair in the Corner of Your Bedroom

Choose an empty corner in your bedroom and put in a comfortable chair so create a zone for relaxation. It can be your designated spot for drinking your morning tea or coffee while reading the newspaper. You can even put a small table in front of the chair for more convenience. If you want to distinguish that zone from the rest of your bedroom, you can think of adding a wallpaper or a lighting fixture in that section. This can be your space when you want to eat snacks, but don’t want to leave your bedroom. 

Add Vanity Seating to Dress Comfortably 

Create a cheerful vanity area in your bedroom. Dressing up will be so much fun and comfortable if you have a place to sit and perfect the finishing touches. For this, you need to choose an empty corner in the room and fix a big mirror on the wall or get a floor mirror. In front of the mirror, you can either place a plush armchair or a snuggling side chair. The choice of chair depends on how much space you have. An armchair would be perfect if your bedroom is spacious.

Create a Comfortable and Quiet Reading Nook

Yes, you can read a book on your bed. But, don’t you sometimes feel like snuggling on a chair with a book on one hand and coffee on the other? Moreover, if you share the bedroom with your partner, night reading in bed might be problematic, unless he/she shares the same love for books. 

For creating a reading nook in your bedroom, you can:

  • Place a chair by your nightstand. Preferably, get a big armchair where you can spend hours with a big.
  • If you have a spacious bedroom, you can consider getting a lounge or settee and place it below a window. This will allow you to put your feet up and stretch while enjoying your favorite book. 

Place Poufs or Beanbags for Creating a Chill Vibe

Does your bedroom have a gaming console or a television? If you enjoy movie nights or game nights in your bedroom with friends, you can place poufs or beanbags. You can place them in the corner of the room, but can easily move them around as per your comfort. But, remember to match them with the color palette of your bedroom or add contrasting colored ones so that they pop against your existing décor. 

Combine Storage with Seating If Your Bedroom Lacks Floor Space

Don’t have enough floor space? You can easily make use of the existing architectural elements or furniture in your 2 or 3 BHK apartment to create a restful place. If you have a low-level trunk, it can be used both as storage and seating. A low window ledge can also be kitted out with throws and pillows. For tight spaces, the best solution is to make use of multipurpose furniture.

Pamper Yourself and Get a Swing

The bedroom is where you get to just be you. Therefore, it should be an extension of your personality. If there are space and the scope for it, go ahead and hang a swing or even a hammock in your bedroom. If you have kids, they will love you for this addition. 

Swings do not take up floor space and allow you to relax and unwind at a place that is not your bed. Also, this might remind you of a beach holiday where you enjoyed a lot and those happy memories will help take away your stresses. It is recommended that you take professional tips before installing a swing.

A bedroom is a place where you do more than just sleep. This is a place where you rest and one-on-one time with yourself. The bedroom is your personal space where guests are not allowed to enter. As you transform your bedroom with seating, you create a space where you will enjoy reading a book, sipping your morning coffee, watching your favorite TV series and so on. So, make use of the bedroom seating ideas and bring to life your dream bedroom.