Best Large Floats for Your Pool

For many people, this summer seems like a write-off. Cancellations are everywhere, vacations are shortened, and people feel like they have to be really careful with where they go and what they do. But don’t lose hope, because you can enjoy the relaxation and flexibility of a vacation from your own backyard pool. Even though you may not be fully able to experience the fullness of the ocean or the freedom of a day at the lake, you can still close your eyes and feel like you’re there, kicked back under the canopy of the sky just soaking up the heat and light of the sun.

Pool floats give you the best of both worlds, combining the flexibility of your own pool with the freedom and randomness of floating around on a much larger body of water like the ocean or a lake. Close your eyes and you are immediately teleported to your favorite vacation spot.

Your Pool is an Extension of Joy

So much about the summer is linked to joy; joy based on experience, joy based in memories, and the joy of life with those you love. Finding time to be on the water is just an extension of that. It is a way for you and your loved ones to express that emotion without being encumbered by life’s many pressing issues, and even though it may feel like this summer limits that, nothing really has to change. Being able to truly kick back, unplug, and let loose is key to being able to recharge. Spending time out on the water can reduce anxiety and can actually alleviate a lot of tension both mentally and physically. However, in those times when you don’t really feel the need to be underwater, it can be great to just float aimlessly around the surface, and for that, you’re going to need a pool float.

What Kind of Variety is There?

While you’re on the water, express your personality through your pool float with so much variety. Tell your friends, neighbors, or even your family what you’re all about with designs like a giant, flashy red sports car, an eight foot long inflatable personal jet, or a huge butterfly. All of these personal floats are huge, bright, and will help you relax.

However, instead of just floating by yourself, you can get everyone together on a giant party float like a giant floating cabana for four, a multi-person floating rose gold crown island, or even a rainbow cloud daybed.

In short, there is no lack of variety when it comes to pool floats, especially the bigger ones. When you buy a smaller, single person tube float, you are limited to picking a logo or a printed design pattern, but if you want something larger, you can buy something like the ones listed above to really enjoy your time floating on the water.

Why a Large Float?

Time on the water is really about community. You can float around all day long by yourself, but if you are in your own pool, you’re probably there to invest in your friends and family and to spend some quality time building those relationships. Large floats are the most conducive to that kind of environment because they allow multiple people to be in one small area. The larger party size floats even allow for conversation to take place out of the water, and some even come with drink holders so you can stay hydrated right in your pool.

Whether you are on a family vacation or just getting your family together on the water in your own neighborhood or backyard, a large float will be the best option for you to ensure that you and your loved ones are able to spend quality time together.

How to Buy a Responsibly Sourced Large Float

Most companies today that make pool floats do not manufacture them in a responsible or environmentally friendly way. Even though pool floats are made with a majority of plastics, many also contain AZO dyes (synthetic colorants that have been linked to carcinogens), harmful phthalates (common plasticizers in textile printing linked to cancers and adult obesity), and other harmful ingredients like lead-tainted pigments. Click the link above to be redirected to the website of a company that completely avoids all of the above in their manufacturing process. All their materials are independently tested to ensure they’re free of any and all harmful chemicals, and their manufacturing avoids waste and accelerates recycling.

In Summary

You already enjoy your pool, and you enjoy spending time with your friends and family as you soak up the weather. But for the moments where you don’t feel the need to commit yourself to being fully soaked without missing out on all the positive effects of the sun, grab a large pool float and make your time off this summer that much more enjoyable.