Best Pre-Wash Car Tools

How do you prepare to wash your car? If you’re hitting it with soap, water and scrubbing right away, then you could be scratching your paint. Find out how to prepare to wash your car, why you need a pre-wash routine and what tools you can use to help your routine. Pick up a car duster with wooden handle and other tools online to keep your car spotless and ready for the road or car show.

How To Prep Your Car for a Wash

Before you start your washing routine it’s important to remove dirt and debris. There are two ways to do this, depending on the level of dirt and your available time: car duster or foam gun. Compare the benefits of both to see when it’s appropriate to use them to prepare for your typical cleaning routine.

A car duster is a great way to clean your car if you’re in a hurry. There are days when you don’t have time to go through the entire foam, wash, rinse and wax routine. In these cases, a car duster is an excellent tool. Dusters don’t require water, so you can simply swipe them across your vehicle to trap dirt, dust and other contaminants.

Dusting is best performed with light amounts of dust. If your vehicle needs a serious washing, then a duster may not be enough. For these situations, a foam gun can soak the dirt and prepare it for easy removal. Compare pre-cleaning solutions to find one that works well with your vehicle and your washing steps.

While you’re adding a pre-cleaning step, it may be a good time to review your washing routine. Be sure to use microfiber towels and specialty shampoo for your vehicle. Improper cleaning solutions can be harsh on your paint, tires, windshield or other areas of your vehicle. Work with a high-quality cleaner and practice buffing and waxing your ride to a squeaky-clean shine.

Foam, rinse, wash, rinse and wax for a thorough cleaning. A car duster is a great way to increase the time between full washes, but it’s not a substitute for the latest cleaning supplies. Find out how to clean a car duster to keep it safely wiping debris off your vehicle.

Benefits of Prepping Your Car for a Wash

It’s worth the effort to go through these pre-wash steps. Wiping your vehicle with a car duster or using a pre-cleaning foam allows you to remove dirt that would otherwise scratch your paint. Stubborn dirt and grit can turn even a microfiber cloth into sand paper, so pre-cleaning is necessary.

If you’re tired of running your clean microfiber towel through layers of caked-on dirt, then use these pre-cleaning steps. Preparing for your wash routine reduces the time of your routine and allows you to keep your cloths cleaner for a hassle-free clean.

Shop online for the best car dusters for your vehicle. Don’t choose a household duster, but use the specialized tools necessary for a thorough cleaning. Protect your paint and maintain your ride with these pre-cleaning and cleaning steps.