Biggest 5 Android Games Reviews

If you are somebody who only likes to play with video games and in the event that you simply purchased a large Android phone using a huge monitor for gaming then you’re in the ideal location, reading the perfect article.

You see it’s an undeniable fact that the Play Store on your Android phone is going to have a great number of game applications, however on the flip side, it’s actually a whole lot of battle to obtain the very biggestgame possible.

In fact, the reality is that some games are just designed for the only purpose of earning money through advertisements, and if you download those games, all of you get an advertisement next ad popping up on your screen after every two minutes. Recently, the PUBG Lite version released for low-end PCs.

Now, to be able to save yourself from such issues, we constantly recommend people to see reviews of what they are going to buy and every application or game they’re going to download.

There are some legit sites like BiggestReviews Site where you can read some comprehensive reviews and make a smart purchase decision.

But if you’re just here to learn about a number of the very biggestand also the most addictive games then don’t worry because we are now going to place a compilation in front of you.

1. Monster Hunter Stories

Among the biggest hits from the gaming world is the Monster Hunter Stories game, and the biggestpart is that today there is even a mobile variant available for this.

The Android version of this game is somewhat cartoonish, but if you’ve been playing it on your console, then we are pretty sure you will be ready to spend $20 to the cell version of this game. Within this sport, you will be traveling across the world searching monsters and taming them. To put in, Click Here

2. Dragon Ball Legends

Over the last few years, the Dragon Ball series has become the talk of the town, and above everything Dragon Ball Heroes capitalizes.

The Dragon Ball Legends, nevertheless, is a fairly fun game and you will certainly get addicted to it if you are a Dragon Ball fan. It’s simple to play the sport, and you can even play it on the road as it is a sport to be played in the portrait style.

3. Subway Surfers

The world famous game Subway Surfers is so far the most addictive game you’ll ever play with and if you haven’t yet installed it then do it immediately because it is actually worth the effort.

It is basically a game where your character keeps operating out of a policeman and keeps leaping and rescue himself from all the barriers that come in the way.

4. PUBG Mobile

One of the biggestand also the most well-known sport which has a lot of hype at the moment. PUBG is one addictive sport, and we assure you that you’ll simply love playing with it over and over again.

This game is all about skydiving your way to the Orange Island and scavenging anything you feel like, this game is all about killing, also there will be 99 other people with exactly the same thought as you, but still, in the end, there can only be a one victor. To download, Click.

5. Pokemon Move

If you’re somebody who has been into video games for quite a while now then we are fairly sure you’ve heard of Pokemon Go, an amazing game that uses your camera to create an alternate reality encounter where you are able to observe different Pokemon appear and you’re going to only need to get to the area and catch them. Learn More.


These are some of the very biggestAndroid games till date. Consequently, if you are feeling bored all the time and if you’re searching for some gem games, then we’d advise you to download these games in your mobile and start playing at the moment.