Black Diamond Engagement Ring: 5 Design Tips

People are always looking to push the boundaries and black diamonds are becoming very popular in engagement rings for that very reason, as the chic sparkle certainly raises a few eyebrows.

If you are planning to get hitched in the near future and would like a black diamond engagement ring, here are a few tips regarding design.

1. Custom Made – While there are black diamond engagement rings on offer, something as important as this demands a bespoke design, which will be a one-off creation. Search online for a reputable custom jeweller and talk to them about black diamonddesigns, and you’ll be happy to learn that having the ring made is no more expensive than buying from the jewellery store.

2. Choosing Black Diamonds– If you are planning to have the ring created by a custom jeweller, talk to experts such as Certified Diamond Network in Parramatta, Sydney, who have a wealth of experience in designing and creating black diamond engagement rings to order. Black diamonds are very rare and the black colour is caused by graphite. The stones have a very large number of inclusions, and this is what causes the back colour.

3. White Gold or Platinum – Both metals go really well with a black diamond, which has an almost metallic sparkle that is perfectly complemented by either white gold or platinum. A popular design is a black central stone with an Emerald or Asscher Cut, with clear diamond cluster, and if you talk to an established custom jeweller, they have the expertise to turn your concept into reality.

4. Have an Open Mind – Even though you may have a concept in mind, the custom jeweller has many images of their creations, and you might come across something that is everything you’re looking for. You will have several stages to consider – the central stone, the surrounding stones, the setting and the metal, and most custom jewellers use 3D computer imaging that allows them to create a visual for the client. You may want to check out the custom made diamond engagement rings in Sydney or in your local area that ladies are raving about, as the city is home to some of the best jewellers in the world.

5. Think Practical– One must never lose sight of the fact that she will be wearing this ring all the time, therefore the setting should be a secure one. The Channel or the Bezel setting works for a black diamond, and the ring should not have a raised stone, which would catch on fabric and other materials in day to day wear. If, like many young couples, the proposal is the result of a joint decision, then she should have a say in the ring design, which ensures she is 100% happy with the ring.

Among the things you should know about black diamonds is that there are several types of black diamond – natural, lab-created and treated.Indeed, many so-called natural black diamonds have been treated to enhance the colour. It is important to discuss this with the custom jeweller, who would be able to acquire loose stones of the right grade at trade prices.

One thing is certain, your black diamond engagement ring will be a stunning symbol of your undying love, and with an expert custom jeweller, you can be sure of a first-class job.

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