BlueChew Review(Updated 2020) – Does BlueChew Actually Work?

BlueChew is an online platform that connects patients and certified medical professionals to overcome erectile dysfunction, helpful to get confidence back and enjoy sexual life without any embarrassment. It is an online service completely dedicated to provide its service to those men who are having erectile dysfunction disorder but don’t want to visit doctors. Also not interested to take commercially available pills as intolerable. But don’t worry it helps to come over erectile dysfunction without visiting any doctor or using commercially available pills.

In this service each and every patients reviewed by a licensed medicinal professional or doctors, and answers all the queries and satisfy the patients.

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What is BlueChew?

BlueChew uses an FDA approved ingredients in the medicines that actually provide supports and proper medical treatment to those having lost their confidence because of erectile dysfunction.  It is a right platform where expert medical practitioners deeply review the patients and answer queries. Provide the person with the best medical treatment for erectile dysfunction. Sildenafil and Tadalafilare prepared with FDA approved ingredients for erectile dysfunction. The medicines use in the treatment of erectile dysfunction prepares with collaboration of BlueChew and compounded pharmacies.

Two powerful Ingredients

BlueChew offers two dynamic ingredients including the Sildenafil andTadalafil. Both are prescribed by the medical doctors by keeping in mind which suits best to the person having erectile dysfunction. Sildenafil is a better choice for those who actually plan for special occasion. Whereas Tadalafil is the choice for those who want to have intercourse on daily basis. Slidenafil is prescribed when needed to use, where asTadalafil having a margin for daily use, can takeTadalafil daily.

Both are powerful medicines and boost up energy by improving blood circulation and rises confidence by overcoming erectile dysfunction. Slidenafil having a shorter active frame that lasts only for four to six hours and it is prescribed as per need. Slidenfil is the better option for those who are looking to use on for an occasional plan and not for regular or daily plans. Tadalafil is having good time frame, and remains in the body for longer period of time. Tadalafil gives longer window as it remains in the body as long as 36 hours in most cases, that is why giving larger window of opportunity. It is the best choice for those men who want to get confidence for doing intercourse at any time. Tadalafil can be taken on regular basis, need to follow the dose prescribed by BlueChew medical professionals.

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Side Effects

Slidenafil or Tadalafil both are powerful and having exceptional influence on erectile dysfunction as compare to other commercially available drug for erectile dysfunction as well as all the ingredients use in the Sildenafil and Tadalafil are FDA approved that also increases the safety window.

Very rarely people repot any side effects that includes headaches, nasal congestion, or prolonged erections

Where to Buy?

BlueChew provides an ultimate treatment for erectile dysfunction with the help of medical professionals who after close review prescribe the best option erectile is available on company’s website with hurdles, just visit the website and fill the form that includes personal and payment method information. In some cases need to have a consultation with medical experts but from the comfort of home or bed, no need of physical visit to doctor. Need to choose the package suits best.


Depends on conditions or as per described by the health expert, but it is mostly recommended to take the tablets at least 30 minutes or 1 hour before having sex.

Benefits of BlueChew

It is the best service for erectile dysfunction

No need to visit doctors or buy commercially available pills for erectile dysfunction

Medical experts and doctors review the problem

Medicines are prescribed as per the need

Sildenafil and Tadalafil both are powerful and booting

Get satisfactory results

Helps in getting back confidence that lost because of erectile dysfunction

Can be used on daily basis or when plan occasionally

Money back guarantee

Taladafil Last as long as 36 hours, having a wide window opportunity

Different options available for the buying

Chewable tablets

Monthly subscriptions

Can change plan or cancel order any time

Need online visit to get prescription for the medicine, no need to go doctor physically

BlueChew helps to visit doctor on the screen

Get treatment on very affordable prices for erectile dysfunction through screen in comfort zone of home or bed

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Bluechew offers products available on far better prices with online checkup and prescription service by medical experts. Offering different packages on very affordable prices thathelp to overcome erectile dysfunction and boost up confidence in bed.

Three options are available for erectile dysfunction online prescribed medicines. Each option offers complete monthly package

Starting package (best for customers who are ordering for the first time)

Sildenafil 6 chewable tablets available on $20/ month or Tadalafil 4 chewable tablets available on $20/ month.

Second Package

Sildenafil 10 chewable tablets available on $30/ month or Tadalafil7 chewable tablets available on $30/ month.

Popular Package

Sildenafil 17 chewable tablets available on $50/ month or Tadalafil 14 chewable tablets available on $50/ month.

Pro+Plan Package

Sildenafil 34 chewable tablets available on $90/ month or Tadalafil 28 chewable tablets available on $90/ month

Worth buying is bulk buying, should avail the offer suits best, but Starting package stands best for those who are going to give first try whereas those who are already satisfied with the result don’t miss the opportunity of placing an order for Pro+Plan package

Money Back Guarantee

If don’t get satisfied with the results of Slidenafil then don’t worry give a try to Tadalafil for more satisfying results. As BlueChew offers switching option, for that our medical team review the conditions again as well as if not get satisfied while using Tadalafil give one try to Slidenafil.  Its very easy to switch the plan log into your account, go to your MY ACCOUNT tab and click “Switch Plans”.

For the order placed within 30 days of purchase amount will be refund (minus shipping) but do remember Bluechew don’t accept returns.

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Final Verdict

BlueChew offers best treatment for erectile dysfunction along with checkup with medical doctors online. Doctors review and then prescribe the best option for you from Slidenafil or Tadalafil. Both are very powerful medicines that are prepared with FDA approved ingredients. Both having good results and helps in getting confidence back. Available in very affordable prices, with refund option as well as offers to switch plans.  Best for those who wish to boost up confidence in bed recommended for men above 18 on medical doctor prescription.