Chic and Stylish: 5 Perfect Cars for Young Businessmen

In the modern world, a car is no longer just a means of transportation.The feeling of strength and significance behind the wheel of a business class car spurs and enhances self-esteem of each man. Agree, if you have an executive car, this indicates that you have achieved certain heights in life.

Even if you have an official trip abroad, the car is an important attribute. For example, you have to visit Pittsburgh for the purpose of business negotiations, and you want to impress your potential partner. Reserve a BMW rental Pittsburgh airport PA and you’re done. You will also find many other luxury brands available including Audi, Mercedes, Cadillac and others in addition to BMW rental Pittsburgh airport PA. All you need to do is go to and fill out a search form.

Indeed, a car among businessmen is an indicator of success and consistency, and at a certain stage it comes not only to the vehicle, but also to the means of representing and positioning oneself as a successful interpreter.

If you are a young businessman, then the following cars will emphasize your status and allow reaching a new level in business.

Jaguar XF

You won’t find this car on the road so often, but it gives the impression of some uniqueness in the traffic. Of course, this is a car for a person who likes to spend time behind the steering wheel, because Jaguar gives excitement while driving and provides incredible comfort.

Generally, diesel-, electric- and gasoline-powered models will be available to choose from. The interior of this car won’t leave you indifferent. Quality finishes,a variety of interior color combinations are at your disposal.

Lexus ES

Think it’s so easy to get rid of Toyota Camry? You are mistaken. It will reach you even here, but already completely made in Japan at the Lexus factory. As you might have guessed, we are talking about a completely updated Lexus ES. It can be said with confidence that these two cars are similar only in platform. The Japanese, with each new generation of their Executive Sedan, are trying to raise the bar for the quality of finishing materials, sound insulation and comfort.

Speaking of the latter, in the city and on the highway you will drive comfortably. As for multimedia, the Japanese finally heard customers’ requests and allowed to manage everything with the help of new-fashioned and very convenient Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support. The main drawback of the Lexus ES is the lack of thoroughbred charisma inherent in German competitors and the lack of intelligible dynamics. But if you want to have a nice-looking fashionable car at hand, it’s hard to find something better than Lexus ES.

Mercedes-Benz E Class

The Mercedes-Benz E Class has taken a place on this list for a number of significant reasons. They include comfort, style, and excellent dynamics. Finishing materials are good, assemble quality is at a high level, and the incredible driving smoothness of the vehicle allows you to travel long distances without big fatigue.

The multimedia is clear, while the reliability of the power units is also at an excellent level. The E Class hits the road in its own corporate identity. In general, this is a suitable car for businessmen who value true German quality.

Audi A6

The new Audi A6 is a very worthy car – it has become larger, stricter and more technologically advanced. A hotbed of electronic miracles on wheels – that’s what comes to mind when you drive a new car from Ingolstadt. For everyday driving, it remains equally exquisite in the classic sense of Audi. Power comes from a pair of mild hybrid and gasoline/diesel engines to choose from, which provide the A6 with excellent acceleration even at the initial driving stage. The car still rides well and impressively enters into turns.

Multimedia is the most technologically advanced in comparison with competitors’ models. The latest dual-screen MMI digital architecture is a striking feature of the monochrome space of the spacious A6 interior, and the virtual cockpit is more impressive than ever.

BMW 5 series

The BMW 5 series is the quintessence of a modern business sedan. The car of the Bavarian concern managed to incorporate the best from competitors and add a pinch of its own charm. BMW created a universal car, which with the latest restyling only strengthened its position in the market.

The Germans set standards in the segment with regard to the quality of the interior, and also make it as comfortable as possible for long trips. From a technical point of view, the Bavarians modified the already excellent diesel- and gasoline-powered engines to perfect condition. They are powerful, economical and perfectly amenable to modifications if you want to get an exclusive charged version.

Multimedia is a strong point of BMW, and in the 5 series it’s clearly demonstrated. The technologies on board are more crippled than those of competitors, but the main thing is that use is intuitive both for new buyers and true fans of the brand.