How to Get Colorless Demon Soul

The remake of the game “Demon’s Soul” launches a premium item called Colorless Demon Soul. In the game, the player needs this soul item as a beneficiary aid that helps you upgrade. This upgrade brings benefits like boosting unique weapons, 5000 souls, and recovery exchange with saint Urbain. However, there is a way to get this locked item that I’ll describe to you in this guide. 

In Demon’s Souls, you have to face a particular demon named ‘Primeval Demons’ in certain parts of the game.  Ultimately, you will reach into the “Black World Tendency,” a level of play where you will encounter that monster.  You have to kill these ancient demons for having the colorless demon soul. Once you kill these demons and get this item, you can use it for fighting against the enemies. You can use it in complex actions in the game. It allows you to buy a recovery miracle from Saint Urbain. Plus, it can also be utilized at the Blacksmith Ed’s in Stonefang to upgrade your weapons level. 

There is only a single Primeval Demon; therefore, you will see a limit of Colorless Demon Souls. That’s why it is essential to kill all of them so that you don’t have to skip any colorless souls.Where to Farm Colorless Demon Souls in the Game: The location of the Primeval Demons in the game is sure that it will never change. So, keep these things in your mind and go to these locations to farm the locked item.

First Location: Boleterian Palace

In World 1-3, the Baleterian Palace is located. Go ahead and move through the arches. If you find an enemy, you work to finish them and continue the journey. Once the arches are complete, you will have some height climb on them. When you pass the steps, you will see a gate, open it. Behind the entrance, there is a narrow staircase that you have to give on the right side. When you pass this step, you will see a Primeval demon waiting for you in front of the balcony.

Most importantly, be attentive during this period because there will be two crossbow archers present. They will attack you, so remember to kill them first, then frame a soul. 

Second Location: StoneFang Tunnel 

In World 2-1, a Stonefang Tunnel is placed. In this location, climb up the stairs and continue to pass the path in front of you. Here you will see dangerous boulders that can instantly kill you. These boulders can hit you and give you severe damage.

When you end the path, you see an entrance of a fort and an elevator needed. Activate it and ride on to the top. On the same elevator at the base of the machinery, you will find a Primeval Demon. Catch and kill it to get your other Colorless Demon’s Soul.

Third Location: Tower of Latria

On the level of World 3-2, a location named Tower of Latria will start. However, you have to suffer a little longer than the others in this phase. Also, you will see giant enemies who will attack you and create hurdles in your way. Make your way on your own, pass the path in front of you. There is a small archway at the end of the course; be careful there. Go left and then up the staircase until you reach the first floor. Now go to the left side and find a small path across it. There will be some gargoyles dealing with them going forward in the game.  Afterward, take a right and catch the staircase. Don’t forget to use the shield to protect yourself from gargoyles that can chase you. Take the elevator and go to the next floor now.

Once the lift gets to stop, there will be the first flight of stairs; head up to them until you reach a well of fire. Stop there and check on the left you find stairs going down. Go down along with them; it will take you near-empty cages. Step on any one of them to go where the swamp is placed. Keep going and smash the monsters you find in this location. On the swamp, at the end of the wooden path, the third Primeval demon will wait for you. Smash his head and take your colorless demon soul. 

Forth Location: Shrine of Storms 

Shrine of storms is the fourth location in Worlds 4-2. Go down the stairs you’ll see bounce down the lower surface now pick the backtrack by using a tunnel behind you. At this stage, you can ignore the enemies and, with just a roll, drop-down yourself to the last floor. Take a left and move on the stairs; keep going up until you reach a wall on the right. It’s nothing but just an illusion that you can finish by striking on it at once. 

It would be good if you kept a thief ring with you. Cover all the paths that’s in your way. Using the dual swords option, ignore the enemies and keep going in the left direction. At the end of the track, you will get another Primeval Demon.

Fifth Location: Valley of Defilement

The fifth location is called the valley of defilement that belongs to World 5-2. Now, you have to cross the swamp of sorrow in this world. Here, navigation can be a little bit tricky. Drop the path and go towards the back. Due to the unwanted enemies, you will face an unclear way, which will take your time. Ultimately,  you pass that path into a comprehensive and transparent part of the swamp where a Primeval Demon is sitting. You know well now what you should do. Get your final,  Colorless Demon Soul. 


For knowing the best tips and guides to get five Colorless Demon Soul, read this article with full attention. We have given comprehensive details about the location of Primeval Demons and the possible hurdles that you can encounter in the way.