Creating your own commercial kitchen

When you think of a commercial kitchen, chances are you will be thinking of a kitchen that is full of stainless-steel counters. While this is the case in many commercial kitchens, if you are converting the kitchen in your home you can make it a lot nicer on the eye. It’s important to find the right equipment and large goods. Harvey Norman is a retailer that can help you create a commercial-like kitchen in your home. 

Think About What You Need

When you are thinking about your cooking equipment, you will need to consider the food you are most likely to make. You will also need to consider your skills. If the equipment you like the look of will not cater to your style of cooking, you might want to consider something else.

While you might be tempted to opt for cooking equipment that is top of the range, you will need to ensure that you’ll use it at least a few times each week. Paying more money than you need to will not help you work in the kitchen.

Consider the Flow of Work

When a commercial kitchen is created you will find that the layout is built around the flow of work and safety. Ensure that the food preparation area is close to the areas where you’ll store food. This will ensure that you can get the ingredients you need when you need them.

You will also need to consider where you will all work and how much space you have. Knowing where each of you needs to be at any given time will ensure the workflow is good. If you do not have a good work flow you could find yourself bumping into each other. Finding the perfect spot for the fridge and pantry is very important. Harvey Norman has a range of fridges suitable for this on their website.

Organizing the Areas

When it comes to organizing the areas in your commercial kitchen, you will need to ensure that the area where you cook the meals is big enough. You’ll need to ensure you have an adequately sized deck oven and any other cooking equipment that you might need. As your preparation area is so important you should ensure that it is close to the dining table or where you serve the food.

Getting this section right can save a lot of time and effort. It will also mean that you are less likely to find you and your workers are fighting for room.

Optimizing the Kitchen

When you work in a kitchen you will need to ensure you have adequate ventilation. You will also need to have sufficient lighting. Every corner of the room that you will be working in needs to be well-lit. This will ensure you will not have to struggle to see what you are doing.

You will also need to make sure the floors are non-slip, and that all surfaces can easily be cleaned and maintained.

When you are turning your kitchen at home into a commercial kitchen, you’ll need to consider what you’ll need, the flow of work, and how you’ll organize the areas. You should also work to optimize your kitchen so you can work with ease. When you have done all the above you should come away with a kitchen you can work in for many years to come.