Custom Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are known to be the semi-permanent solution that you can use for making some eyelashes without using mascara. But make sure you do not perform it on your own because for that sake you need to hire the services of trained and licensed professionals. They are yet the safest way with which you can enhance the whole look of your natural lashes. Upon wring application or by using the wrong adhesive, it might give you discomfort or can cause infection for the permanent lashes.

I had always been fond of applying fake eyelashes but removing them off for bedtime was a real struggle for me. I always had a conception in mind that going for the eyelash extension can destroy the whole beauty of your natural eyelash. But I was completely wrong until I met, LaiannaProfit.

While in Las Vegas, stop by Lai Cosmetics which is one of the most popular parlors in Las Vegas for custom eyelash extensions. There were so many myths that were rolling around in my mind about eyelash extensions which were all clear after I met Lianna Profit.

Let me share few facts about custom eyelash extensions thatLianna Profit had shared with me!

Provide extra length and volume

Getting luscious and fuller eyelashes is the main want of every woman. Most of the women opt to look for the best mascara product so they don’t have to go for the eyelashes. And after a feeling of disappointment, they might shift themselves to the eyelash extensions.

With the help of eyelash extension, you can add your lashes with a fuller and darker look to give the eyes a beautiful impression. Wholesale lash vendors.


I was so surprised when Lianna told me that the whole process of eyelash extension is extremely time-efficient. This surprised me because I thought that it would be taking enough of the sittings for perfection. In just one hour, you can have your eyelash extension be on your eyes which saves your time and money. As the eyelash extensions are attached to your eyes, there is no need to apply any sort of mascara. There is no need to buy Las Vegas lashes because you already have one on your eyes.

Low maintenance and water-friendly

As contrary to mascara or fake eyelashes, these eyelash extensions will allow you to live your life to the fullest. You can take a hot bath, go swimming or do a sauna session without any fear of losing the lashes. They are completely friendly water. In short, they are downright low maintenance a well as water-friendly.

Long-Term Results

Last but not the least, with the custom eyelash extensions; you will be getting the results that are long-term. The maximum duration of the extension survival is of 8 weeks. But the cycle will be depending on the type of extension you are choosing. But generally, the lash extensions will last at least five weeks.

So what are you waiting for? If you want to look stunning over the beauty of wide large eyes with beautiful extensions, then do visit Lai Cosmetics in Las Vegas!