Decrease Your Electricity Bill and Save Your Solar Panels with These Proven Bird Proofing Methods!

With the increase in urbanization and unlimited food and water supply, birds are moving from parks to homes and factory roofs. This can lead to unwanted mess on your terrace and solar panels. 

Additionally, solar panels provide a perfect shelter from various weather conditions and prey. Hence, birds usually make nests under the modules. Plus, these creatures will also leave droppings, feathers, and guano behind. 

These residues can damage the surface of solar cells and decrease their efficiency. So, getting your solar panel bird proofing Brisbane has become necessary. 

Why are Pigeon-proofing Solar Panels Important?

Birds are a common problem for solar panel-installed houses and factories. They can cause many issues for solar module owners and decrease the efficiency of the panels as well. 

Additionally, birds damage solar panels by urinating and defecating on them and by eating the insulation and chewing out the wiring on solar panels. Their droppings on solar panels accumulated over time can block the sunlight, directly affecting the overall energy production. 

In many cases, it has also been noticed that the circuit blockage can lead to unwanted heat production, leading to fire in photovoltaics. Additionally, bird droppings are acidic and can harm the surface of the solar panels. 

Hence, to keep the efficiency level on top and protect your solar panels, getting solar panel bird proofing Brisbane services from a reputable pest control company is essential. By getting your panels bird-proofed, you will prevent birds from getting anywhere near your solar modules.

What follows are some proven ways professional solar panel bird proofing Adelaide companies will offer you. 

Proven Ways to Pigeon-Proof Solar Panels

Solar panels are a great source of free and clean energy for homeowners and businesses. Plus, they can look amazing on your home. However, some birds don’t share the same view and spoil the outlook of your solar panels. 

What follows are some of the best bird proofing Canberra solutions to save your solar panels from birds. Use any of these methods and keep birds away from your solar modules. 

Install Solar Panel Bird Mesh

Solar panel bird mesh is one of the most preferred bird-proofing solutions, as it is a great way to protect your solar panels from damage caused by birds. This mesh uses a durable, lightweight, and flexible material and can handle general wear and tear. 

It has a net-like design with a thin layer of metal. This method will prevent birds from flying through the module and dropping on the solar panel. However, installing these meshes is tedious, so hiring a solar panel bird proofing Adelaide is always advisable. 

Automated Bird Repellent System

It is a type of system where a machine produces some sort of sound or light that repel birds and other creatures. You can install these automated systems near solar modules and repel birds from landing and damaging them. 

Most birds like to perch on modules during the daytime; hence, getting a sound deterrent system makes more sense. You can find these systems easily on various online shopping stores like Amazon or Walmart. 

Bird Spikes

Bird spikes are crafted to prevent the birds from damaging your solar panels. You can use them as deterrents by placing them around your solar unit or anywhere on your property to prevent birds from making nests and resting. 

These spikes are durable, flexible plastic, not wider than two inches. They are very light and easy to place and displace. These spikes will give birds small but significant pain, discouraging them from landing on the solar panel.

Bird spikes work pretty similar to bird mesh and can be an excellent option for solar panel bird proofing in Adelaide. 

Install Reflective Mirrors

Reflective mirrors can work wonders for you as they are one of the best bird-repellers. All you need to do is to set up mirrors, as this solution makes it harder for birds to come over your solar modules. 

Another thing you can try is to purchase a reflective bird deterrent. These deterrents will use sunlight, wind, and reflective flashes to scare the birds away. 

Regularly Clean Solar Module / Maintenance

You must clean your solar panels regularly and look for bird nests and birds hidden under them. Cleaning these panels will reduce the strain on the modules and prolong the life of the solar system.

If the solar panels are dirty due to bird droppings, it can be pretty hard for modules to absorb the sun’s rays and produce energy effectively. Even though you can do it by yourself, getting the help of a professional solar panel bird-proofing Brisbane service is advisable. 

These pest companies can accurately clean and bird-proof your panels and won’t miss a spot. 

Final Words

Bird infestation can be messy, and you must deal with them as early as possible. If you delay it any further, it will be a challenging task to eradicate them from your property. So, if you see any indications, contact a professional bird-proofing Canberra company and get rid of them before they damage your property.