Different Countries Plans Of Celebrating a happy New Year 2021

On the first day of the first week of January, people of all over the world greet the new year with great fanfare. On the first day of the year, the whole world is in a frenzy. Some of the countries of the world announced a holiday in new years the first day. People wish each other a Happy new year. In many parts of the world, people are excited to celebrate the first day of the year, and there is no end to the excitement surrounding the upcoming happy new year 2021, and there are severe plans to outdo each other in terms of celebration.

Let’s look at some of the countries of the world who are planning the best to celebrate upcoming happy new year 2021.

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All plans for the new year celebration in Scotland revolve around Edinburg. The people of Edinburgh has an old and traditional way of celebrating the new year. They usually light torches and light fires to illuminate the city. They marched from the parliament of Edinburgh to all parts of the city. The people of the city shared their joy by dancing and exchanging loves and thermoremanent with each other. The whole town is illuminated with artificial light, with torches as well as various fireworks. Everyone’s cheerful mood and happy look give a different dimension to the festival.


In Spain, Spanish people arrange a celebration in such a way that the new year’s glow touches every corner of the city. People of Spain celebrates new year such a unique way. On the first day of January, Spanish people collect different types of grapes. They eat at least 12 types of grapes while celebrating the new year 2021. They decorate the whole city on their way. They pass the night by singing and dancing on the street or any clubs. Aristocratic people love to celebrate any of the night clubs in Spain, and the authority decorate the club very nicely and deals many exciting offers on that night.


Japanese people celebrate the new year in their unique way. The most common method of celebrating the new year in Japan is ringing a bell 108 times in a Buddhist temple. Japanese decorate their cities and villages in unique ways. They arranged different traditional foods and people of all ages come to the street to greet the new year, and they share the joy and love among each other. If you have the chance of travelling in Tokyo on the first day of January, then you can witness the different ways of celebrating the new year of Japanese people.


Danish people like to live in a fancy way. They cordially welcome all the states, and they celebrate the new year with so many excitement. They have the unique tradition of celebrating the new year, Smashing plates or glasses are the traditional ways of Danish people of celebrating a new year. They have the exciting roles of smashing dishes and drinks in front of the main door of each other friends house. The one who can narrower the door more will be the winner.


The new year celebration style in the USA has repeatedly stunned the world. As there is no shortage of amateur people in the USA, there is no shortage of them celebrating, and if it is a new year celebration, then it gives another dimension. They celebrate the new year by singing and dancing the whole night in the streets, different concert and night clubs and illuminate the city.

Celebrating the new year is always exciting. Different countries have their way of celebrating, and they celebrate accordingly. But due to corona epidemic, New year celebration in 2021 could be disrupted some.