DIY Perfect Beachy Waves with a Flat Iron

You will get confused at times, which hairstyle looks best with the cloth you would like to wear? The beachy waves are the best hairstyle for summer, and it would look best with almost all dresses. If you have no curler and want perfect beachy wave hair with flat iron at home? So, yes, it will be possible with a flat iron. You would get perfect beachy waves in your hair and also save your money. You can make your hair curlier with a flat iron is the best hack ever. For more information, read on.

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Steps for Getting Beachy Hair with Flat Iron

1- Split Hair

If you want to get perfect beachy hair with a flat iron, then divide the hairs into two sections according to your hair’s thickness. When you do this, then make a simple loose braid separately.

2- Heat protector.

You can prevent your hair from heat with heat resistant spray. So, before starting curling your hair, apply heat resistance serum or spray. It will maintain your curls long-lasting and also prevent your hairs from getting damaged.

3- Twist braid

Now, you can twist the braid properly and remember to stay away from your face. You can also twist other braids and bound with hair bands.

4- Use of Flat iron

You can run flat iron slowly from all braids one by one. Run the iron 4 to 5 times on each braid and then untie the hairs. Now at the end, simply apply hair spray for making your long-lasting.

Another Technique 

 Now here we mentioned one more technique for getting beachy waves with a flat iron.


1- Hairs in flat iron

You simply divide your hair into many small sections. Now take one section and place your hairs between the plates of the iron. 

2- Twist Iron

You can close the iron and wrap hairs outside of the iron. Then twist the iron and glide throughout the section. You can loosely run the iron through the section to get a soft wave and, in the end, apply hair spray for holding curls.

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Tips for perfect beachy hairs with a flat iron

Here we will mention some tips for getting perfect beach waves in your hairs with a flat iron. 

1- Choose perfect size iron

It is important to choose the perfect size of flat iron according to your hair length and thickness. If you want perfect beach waves, then choose the iron, which has 1-2 inches width and also select the high-quality flat iron. 

2- Holding Spray

In the above, we mentioned that when you make braids apply hair spray before run a flat iron on the braids and at the end also apply hair spray on the hairs. You can follow this tip; it will help you to hold your curls long-lasting.

3- Master your Techniques

It is essential to follow all the steps properly that have been mentioned above in the article. When using iron for curling, then check the speed of the iron. Make sure the speed of the iron is set at 180 to get perfect beach hairs. 

4- Run your fingers 

When you complete all the steps, then after untying the hairs, run your fingers slightly in your hairs. It will give you a natural look and make your curls long-lasting.

5- Curly hairs

If you have curly hair and want simply beach waves in your hair, then use a flat iron. You can first straighten your hair and then follow all the steps mentioned above. You can get perfect beachy hair.

6- Waves for short hairs

Most of us have short hair, and they want to get perfect beach hair. It is possible you can simply hold the iron for a few 30 seconds when you twist it. You can repeat this process in different sections. It would take some time, but through this, you can get perfect beachy hairs with a flat iron.

7- Tie back your waves section

Tie your wavy hairs at the back. It means that when you complete your one section of hair, then tie with a simple hairband. It can help you to curl other sections of hair easily.