How To Do A Barrel Roll On Browsers?

Do you want to play some exciting tricks on Google? So, you are just one click away from this enjoyment. Do a barrel roll which is an exciting trick of Google for viewers to play and got amazed. When you type do a barrel on Google you will see that the screen rotates at angle of 360°.

All of you know that Google helped a lot in changing our lives. Nowadays we find it impossible to have world without Google. But now for Google viewers Google launched a lot of hacks and tricks for our enjoyment. Google is the best search engine that provides a lot of information and enjoyment in all fields. A few of us know about Google hacks and tricks as many people use it only for getting information on various topics.

For instance: Do a barrel roll (a trick full of entertainment). You can roll up your screen 10, 20, 100 times by using this trick. For now, this trick is trending on twitter and other search engines and social media. However, various people think of how to do a barrel roll? When you look for barrel roll Google rotate your screen on 360°.

While, page direction totally vary on browser to either complete barrel roll in clockwise or anticlockwise direction. But mostly it rotates in clockwise. Users wonder about how long barrel roll rotates? If you want 100 rotations then it will take almost 1 min with 40 seconds to complete.

You need only some primary steps to follow this trick:

Go to Google chrome.

Type do a barrel roll in search field.

Open webpage

Tap on the regarding website and you will find various options for performing barrel many times.

  • 5 to 6 times
  • 20 times
  • 1000 times
  • twice
  • 10 times
  • 100 times
  • 1000,000 times
  • 5 times
  • Do a barrel roll fast
  • 200 times

Google do a barrel roll for how many times?

For doing barrel roll times, screen rotates for 20 times in 20 seconds.

History of Do a Barrel Roll

Google chrome offer many Easter egg games but do a barrel roll is on top. If talking about reports it states that this idea takes by Nintendo Star Fox. In this animated video game, rabbit (a space pilot of Peppy name) gave direction to Fox McCloud (the character) to do a barrel roll.

Which browsers support barrel roll?

Only 3 browsers allow this trick:

  • Safari
  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox

Method to perform barrel roll 200 times on web page:

For playing barrel roll in website is quite entertaining. You can rotate your selected logo to roll x200 when putting its URL in search field. You can do this trick again and again after one trial. Simply perform on page and make your leisure time funny. While, enter the search term on search field and click on URL of barrel roll. The next page will give you the desired output.

Barrel roll can also perform in real life like revolving chairs, rotating cameras, etc. You will easily change speed of performance to fast and slow.

Method to perform barrel roll 200 times in Super Nintendo:

In 1997, do a barrel roll played on animated video game Star Fox 64. For tap on button twice, barrel roll can perform easily. Now continuously clicking on up and down buttons for doing a barrel roll. You can perform it for more than 20 times. People don’t want to spend money on purchasing Star Fox 64 then, keep finding on browsers. Now, Google allows for doing Easter egg barrel rolls trick to perform. It rotates screen in 360°.

Method to perform Barrel Roll 20 times on Google:

It takes only a few barrel rolls for Google to become amazing. All you need to do is click on the barrel button twice after logging into your Google account / ID. You will now see a 360-degree rotation of your homepage. You will need to repeat the process a number of times to get desired results. Keyboard shortcuts are the best way to perform barrel rolls twice.

It is quite simple to follow the method. It is enough to link to a YouTube video about someone performing the barrel roll trick or find a video game involving barrel rolls. Google search menu can also be used. It is as simple as writing “Barrel roll” twice. In a first for Google, someone performs a tutorial.

Why to opt barrel roll x10?

Fast and easy hack that spins web pages almost in 5 seconds. It’s always best to start out with barrel roll for at-least 10 times when you don’t like the hack. It is necessary to sort barrel roll x10 in order to do backflips almost ten times. Per time elevation increases spinning velocity. Ten rollings are completed almost in a minutYou can also use the primary website if you have problems with your You can opt to roll 10 times using the primary website.


Follow the link by typing “do a barrow roll” into Upon entering, your stomach will turn in a matter of seconds. A smooth rollback will back the entire screen to its original position after it is turned upside down.

The Barrel Roll was performed by pressing R or L twice in the original Star Fox game. During Star Fox 64, players must press Z twice, R twice, or R twice to complete a barrel roll. In Star Fox Adventures, pressing both buttons simultaneously initiates a barrel roll.

During the Aileron roll, an aircraft is able to create a 360-degree rotation around its longitude. Basic aerobatics classes teach this trick.

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