Dos and Don’ts in Bathroom Remodeling

One of your home parts that you may think isn’t something you should design is your bathroom. You think it’s just a space in your home for hygiene needs and such, and it shouldn’t be something you should spend your money on. This is where you’re wrong. The bathroom isn’t just a small room that’s only meant to be cleaned after use. It’s a sanctuary you can take relaxing baths at after a long and tiring day. It is where you can feel fresh before and prepare for your day. More so, whether your bathroom is neat, organised, and magazine-worthy, or bare, gloomy, and a place you wouldn’t want to stay in even just for 5 minutes, it’s something that your visitor will surely not forget.

Every time you undertake a bathroom remodel, you must consider different factors essential in achieving your bathroom design goals. Moreover, there are certain dos and don’ts that you must be keen to follow so your experience of remodelling your bathroom wouldn’t be stressful.

Find a design inspiration that matches what you envision.

This is the first step in bathroom remodelling. You have to finalise a plan first, and it should be as detailed as possible. It should include everything you want to put inside your bathroom. You may finish doing the structural remodel, then, later on, realise that the bathroom furniture you wanted does not fit anymore; this would compromise everything you envisioned. This is why having a final design inspiration or plan is essential. You can get it from the Internet, a magazine, or even have an architect or interior designer lay it out for you. You can check Victoria Plumbing for various designs of items you can purchase for your bathroom remodelling.

Do keep parts of your room neutral.

One of the most useful tips you should apply to your bathroom is keeping high-end items as neutral as possible. These items include your flooring, shower design, wall paint, and such. By making them neutral, you create a blank canvas that would allow you to materialise plans and easily change them when you get a new idea or inspiration.

Do invest in a good shower.

You may not know this, but showers are considered the centerpiece of your bathroom. Not only will it provide you with an enjoyable shower time, but it is also advisable to splurge on your shower as it can add to the vibe you’re trying to achieve. 

Don’t forget your budget.

All of your plans must be in line with your budget. Your design might seem luxurious and expensive to fulfil; there are various alternatives you can opt for and find in the market so you can stay within your budget. It’s better to underspend than to overspend and worry about where you can get the money to pay for your bathroom remodel.

Don’t go without storage.

Some people aim to keep a minimalist bathroom and forget to have enough storage for all your bathroom needs, such as toiletries, guest towels, and more. You can have a built-in shelf or a storage closet that can add to the design you want.