Easy Fashion Options for Busy People

From buying new clothes to choosing your outfits to dropping off and picking up the dry cleaning, staying fashionable can be a time-consuming process. While some people enjoy the effort required to look their best, others loathe the experience.

Those with hectic schedules are more likely than others to dislike the time it takes them to dress for success. To them, it adds up to hours better spent on more important tasks. Yet, given the priority this world puts on style, these individuals don’t have much choice but to go along with it.

But what if there were another way? The truth is fashion doesn’t have to be complicated. By sticking to classic styles, simple outfits, and straightforward personal dress codes, busy people can look great without focusing so much time and effort on the process.

The following are easy fashion options for very busy people:

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Footwear requiring a shoehorn to put on and take off might look good, but it’s not easy. The same can be said for shoes with laces or straps. While that might sound like every option available, it isn’t. Comfortable slip on shoes for women and men are easy to wear, affordable to buy, and never go out of style. They’re acceptable in casual and formal settings while requiring minimum maintenance to care for and clean. We don’t advise getting rid of shoes with laces and straps since they still serve a purpose. But when it comes to simple ways to stay stylish, slip-on shoes are the best choice.


Regarding easy fashion options above the waistline, solid colors and simple styles are sure winners regardless of the season. Seamless tees, v-necks, and tanks in various colors will provide a sufficient basis on which additional layers can be added. Dress shirts with classic collars and minimal frills are easy to wear while remaining appropriate in a variety of settings. The goal is to have a wide variety of solid-color tops that can be easily swapped with each other within a single outfit. Doing so gives you the options you need to stay fashionable without spending enormous amounts of time deciding on what to wear.


Wearing pants – as opposed to shorts, skirts, and dresses – will make other fashion choices easier. As far as simplicity goes, we suggest several pairs of chinos in different colors, stretchy pants, and one or two pairs of denim jeans. When it comes to staying fashionable, stick to straight-legged options instead of boot-cut, flare, and similar styles. While these and other styles come into fashion now and then, they tend to be harder to match with various tops and shoes. Rather than force yourself to wear the same shoes with the same pants every time you put them on, give yourself options by sticking to regular-cut pants.


The right necklace, bracelet, or pair of earrings can be paired with a variety of outfits. But what about glasses and watches? Here’s a nifty piece of advice: use interchangeable smartwatch bands and magnetic outer-eyewear pieces to open up more options without making things complicated. Simply swap the components to instantly match them with whichever outfit you’re wearing. It doesn’t get much easier than that. Furthermore, smartwatch bands and magnetic frames are an affordable alternative to buying several different watches and pairs of glasses.


With the exception of summer and certain climates , most times of year call for some form of outerwear. While outerwear options include everything from coats to sweaters, simplicity comes down to having a handful of options. One blazer, one jacket, one trenchcoat, and a few sweaters of varying styles are all you need to look good in cold weather. When it comes to your go-to winter coat, opt for something simple in terms of style and color. Doing so will minimize the effort required to assemble a matching outfit underneath.

Being fashion-forward is a time-consuming endeavor. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Sticking to simple yet stylish options allows you to dress for success without devoting a significant part of your day to the process.

Julie Steinbeck is a freelance writer from Florida. She enjoys covering topics related to business, finance, and travel.

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