Everything You Need to Know About the Best Bangs for Thin Hair

Bangs are the easiest way to go from regular old you, to newer, more refined you! It is a solution that does not involve processing your hair at all. In fact, you can even eliminate the need for a haircut in order to secure the best kind of bangs by incorporating human hair with bangs into your wardrobe! This way, you can avoid touching your natural hair at all, and instead opt to wear a weave in order to scratch that itch to gain some semblance of your life through your hair.

Why Human Hair Wig with Bangs

The thing about wearing wigs and weaves is that it is a fantastic way for you to flaunt your style without any damage to your hair. Sometimes, a girl is just in the mood to go from curls to pin-straight hair! And human hair wigs are the one way that you can do this and still look natural and poised. 

Human hair wigs are carefully chosen human hair that is woven into a wig that can be placed onto your scalp. The knots in these wigs are hidden so as to give it a look that indicates it grew out of your scalp. With silk tops, weaves, clip-ins, etc. available in the market, you have a whole range of human hair wigs with bangs to choose from! In case your wigs don’t come with bangs, it is simple to have bangs cut into the wig in order to suit your style of choice.

However, a fair warning is to not cut your own bangs. Take your human hair wig to a professional and leave with professional looking bangs!

Things to Consider:

  1. Time Consuming: Bangs are gorgeous to look at when styled, and need to be taken care of constantly to achieve a look.
  2. Over Styling: Over styling, your human hair wig with bangs can cause the hair to become loose, misshapen, and damaged. Care for the wig as you would your hair for long term use.
  3. Humidity and Sweat: Bangs rest on your face and often attract dust. They can also flatten against your forehead if it sweats, or in humid weather. These are hazards of having bangs, and you must make peace with it.

Best Face Shape for Bangs

Bangs are one of the few haircuts that can look great on any face shape. The difference is in how the bangs are worn.

Pin straight human hair wigs with bangs can be used to elongate a short forehead, while messy bangs are the best suited to those with a complementing cut. Side-swept bangs are the best received when styled on a face with angular features. Middle parted bangs are great for faces that have smaller foreheads as well, as they provide form to your face, and are easy to transition back into longer hair.

Styling Bangs for Thin Hair

Thinner hair is actually the best-suited hair type for bangs as it is less bulky and does not attract as much dust as normal bangs. It is also great for morning routines as it is easier to style. Human hair wigs that come with a thinner hair type can also be used to cut bangs into, but with special care to be gentle with the hair embedded in the silk top. Here are some styling tips specifically for thin human hair wigs with bangs:

  1. Do not Over Condition – Your human hair wig with bangs does not need more than two washes every week as the hair on a wig is not connected to the scalp, and therefore does not get oily easily. When washing the wig, make sure to condition the bangs only alternate times in order to save their quality and fall.
  2. Drying – When you wash your human hair wig with bangs, make sure that you dry your bangs out before the rest of the hair. This is because a human hair with which is of thinner hair quality has even thinner bangs, which dry faster than the rest of the hair. Therefore, bangs need to be styled first, and then the rest of the wig. Flat brushes can keep the hair in place.
  3. Sparse Hair Cover-up – Fringe and bang hairstyles take hair from both sides of an ideal middle part. This haircut requires the hair to be moved to the front, and so can cause the sides to look sparse in thin hair types. This is why it is important to go to a professional to have your bangs cut, as they know the areas that can be problematic and can help in hiding it in your human hair wig with bangs.
  4. Dry Shampoo – Wigs can get dusty and cause a myriad of skin-related issues on your forehead, where they are in contact with your face. Use dry shampoo and talc to best keep the wig refreshed. These will help in keeping dust out of your human hair wig with bangs, and will keep it looking camera ready!
  5. Wet and Lay – Bangs are tough to handle. You can have them cut into your human hair wig, but you cannot run to a salon every time you need them styled. The rule of thumb when trying to style your bangs with thin hair is to wet the bangs, and then use a blow dryer with a round brush to make the style even again. Simply wetting the bangs isn’t too much trouble as it is a smaller section of the hair and can be styled quickly.

Bangs Styles to Choose for Thin Hair

Use your human hair wig with bangs to create some of the following best bangs for thin hair:

– Feathered bangs

– Textured bangs

– Permed bangs

– Light and Straight bangs

– Middle Parted bangs


Though naturally thin textured hair can be difficult to style and process, human hair wigs with bangs that are thin in quality can be styled easily and are fantastic accessories to highlight an outfit. Human hair wigs with bangs are your best option for easy, no-nonsense, and low maintenance bangs!