Everything You Need to Know About Thermage

Every year that you celebrate a birthday is another year you cannot get back. Unfortunately, as time ticks, your skin starts to catch up and show signs of ageing. Luckily, your skin problems aren’t a problem with a dead end. Although you can’t stop time, you might feel like you got a few years younger on your next birthday! But, how is that possible?

You can use Thermage skin treatment to treat your skin and leave it looking youthful. Thermage is a non-surgical and non-invasive skin treatment that tightens loose skin with Thermage radiofrequency waves. The cost of Thermage is very reasonable for the results, ranging from $1,000 to $4,500, depending on the treatment area. You can go ahead and refer to Thermage as an anti-ageing miracle.

How Does Thermage Work?

The Thermage radio frequency technology heats the deep collagen layers of the skin to contour and tightens the area. Although you can see immediate results, the effects continue to improve for several months following the procedure. The Thermage device stimulates natural collagen in the skin, contributing to a contoured and youthful appearance with better skin texture.

As the radiofrequency tightens existing collagen in deep layers on the skin, it encourages new collagen to create, enhancing your natural skin tone. There is no downtime for the procedure, so you can resume your daily activities the day after you complete your procedure. Luckily, this technology makes it possible for people with busy lives to receive treatment without losing time during recovery.  

Which Areas Are Suitable for Treatment?

You can get Thermage skin tightening treatments on many body areas such as the face, including the eyelids, lips, neck, hands, arms, and neck. Since Thermage is a non-invasive and low-risk treatment, you can choose to get it on sensitive areas of your face.

Although you may experience some minor side effects such as redness and bumps after the treatment, they will disappear soon. Your consultation with the skin specialist will allow you to understand which areas you should get the treatment and which ones to avoid based on your skin.

What Can You Expect After Thermage?

In addition to a whole lot of compliments about how you’re getting younger each day, you can expect a few more things after Thermage. If you’re leaning towards Thermage because you’re concerned about loose and saggy skin, you’ve made the right choice. With age, natural collagen in a human’s body breaks down and starts to decline, resulting in a loss of elasticity and increased loose skin.

You can expect to come out of your Thermage treatment with tight, contoured, and rejuvenated skin. Some of the natural and subtle effects of Thermage include a reduction in fine lines, more minor appearance of crow’s feet, lifted eyes, smoother lips, and defined jawlines. Thermage enables you to enjoy the benefits of a facelift without going through the surgical procedure. It is a suitable method for looking younger and improving their skin without going under the knife.

Benefits of Thermage

Other than the ability to turn back the calendar and look several years younger, there are other benefits of Thermage.

Painless Treatment

You might have heard the phrase “beauty is pain.” Luckily, that’s not the case here. You might feel a brief period of heat or cooling sensation during Thermage, but the treatment is pain-free, so you don’t have to stress.

No Downtime

The worst part of getting any cosmetic treatment is waiting to recover before you can show off your results to your friends. Luckily, there is no downtime with this treatment so that you can head out the next day.

Safe Procedure

As an FDA-approved technology, radiofrequency treatments don’t pose significant health risks if you consult a qualified doctor.

Long-lasting Results

The last thing you want is to invest your savings in a treatment that fades after a few months. One significant benefit of Thermage is that its results improve within the first few months after treatment and can last for several years. You may need to go back for maintenance treatment, but you can discuss those details with the skin expert.

Works on All Skin Types

Luckily, the Thermage treatment doesn’t discriminate! It works on all skin types and colours, allowing everyone to feel confident in their replenished skin.

You Can Have Fun in the Sun

Many cosmetic procedures require you to avoid the sun to recover from the treatment or prolong the results. A bonus of Thermage is that you don’t have to stay out of the sun after the procedure. So, you can head to the beach without worry. Don’t forget sunscreen, though!

Preparing for Your Treatment

Since Thermage is a non-invasive procedure, you don’t have to spend weeks preparing for the treatment or create a recovery plan. After your consultation, note the date on your calendar and show up to the appointment. You’ll be ready to show off your results the next day when you head to work!