Excel Files To PDF For Better Sharing With PDFBear

When users work with their excel, they sometimes worry when they share their excel files on different computers or devices. Some fonts might be missing, or the receiver’s device is not supporting any software or application that can open excel, or it can be broken and will be completely useless.

For this reason, PDFBear created a tool available for everyone to easily convert any other formats that cannot be supported by any device into a PDF file, and converting such files is easier than ever.

Why choose PDF format instead of excel

Let us learn first the primary difference between the two formats provided in our devices and why it is better to convert Excel to PDF. They are both used to present files. But let us discuss the primary difference between the two.

Microsoft Excel is a commercialized spreadsheet made by Microsoft, and it is available for Microsoft Windows and Mac. Excel has graphing tools, can calculate, macro programming languages for application, and many more, but such formats can only be opened through a particular application and can change it’s format easily. 

On the other hand, PDF is a file format that was made by Adobe Systems. Users use them to present documents without relying on the original operating system or application where you created the file.

The available PDF files cannot be edited easily and can be shared widely without even ruining their original format. You don’t need to worry about missing text, or wrong fonts, etc. These are just the fundamental differences between the two forms that are available for you. 

For these reasons, we can see or know that PDF has more benefits than excel, and using PDFs can consume less of your time and will surely guarantee you a better outcome for presentation.

Where can you convert your excel into PDF?

It can be hard to browse the internet to find the best website that offers a converting tool. Especially when you value your file and you wanted it to be secure. Also, when you want an outcome that is best for presentation.

Well, PDFBear is the right website for you that can help you convert your different kinds of the file into PDF. They don’t convert files into PDF, but they also have tools to help you edit your PDF or even fix it when your PDF files corrupt.

PDFBear offers its tools for free to everyone, even for youngsters and adults. They also won’t force you to be a PRO member to avail of their other tools. However, the website offers many more benefits to a PRO member.

PDFBear guarantees your privacy and security. PDFBear values everyone, especially that you are uploading files on their website that are not for everybody. That is why PDFBear always makes sure to delete your uploaded files on their website one hour after you finish converting.

There are more reasons why you should choose PDFBear as your online converter. The things listed above are just a few of the benefits you can benefit from using their tools. If you have decided to convert your files, you can always visit PDFBear.

How will you convert your excel into PDF?

If you choose to use PDFBear to convert your excel to PDF, they offer you straightforward steps so you can easily convert your excel files into PDF. They will only require you to have internet and any devices that can connect to the internet. They will also not require you to download any third-party tool. You only need your browser.

When you have reached their website already, you can now look for the excel to pdf tool. So you can start your conversion. In the site where the Excel to PDF is, you are to choose from selecting the files into your device or drag and dropping it directly into the box provided.

After you choose the right file to upload or convert, all you have to is wait for a few seconds for it to finish converting. When it is restored, you can automatically download it into your device or share it via email or copy its URL to transfer it into any of your social media, or you can save it into your cloud or google drive.

These are the required, easy steps you will follow to convert all of your excel into PDF. They won’t need too much of your time. They will ask for a second of your time for them to convert your files.


Converting your Excel to PDF is the right choice, especially if you share your files most of the time. So your receiver won’t receive any faulty files. PDFBear is a one-stop website that can help you convert it all.