Few tips for backend developers

For the most comfortable work, our back end development company recommends that you familiarize yourself with some tips. They will help make your work more convenient and productive.


All processes that you perform daily and repeatedly should be automated. The same goes for the command line (bash scripting), text manipulation and logging, refactoring, testing and others.

Automated processes must be well tuned to avoid errors. After all, if the developer missed one step, this nuance slows down all further actions and requires attention, which takes up valuable time.

In some cases, a list or library of reusable components / scripts is part of the automation process. We are talking about authentication, registration scripts and SQL CRUD.

Don’t rush to optimize

Optimization may be premature. Increasing productivity with a smart solution would complicate the process and possibly undermine the bottom line.

First you need to figure out the problem, then write the code and start optimizing. Make the code work, and then optimize.

What needs to be optimized?

You can go into speed optimization, but the most valuable component to optimize is your own time. If you take a break to figure out how it works? Or what’s the problem with inaction? Then you’ve wasted your time.

You shouldn’t use a lot of complex algorithms and structured data to expand language features and demonstrate personal skills. Of course, if it is not provided for by the project.

Explore the tools

You can increase your productivity by exploring all the tools available. For example, if your favorite text editor is Atom and Netbeans, keep all relevant shortcuts in a workbook that you can easily reference.

Learning tools, not just IDEs and text editors, will dramatically increase your level of productivity as an internal developer.

Change of activity

Having a side project that you can devote time to if you get bored with the main one will also help increase your productivity and confidence levels. Keep in mind, however, that the length of your main project greatly affects your ability to distract yourself.

Don’t forget about self-development and learning as well. Parsing the source code of other developers, videos on specialized YouTube channels and blog articles will help you with this.

Mutual assistance

By collaborating with people, you share your knowledge and absorb new ones. This is another great way to increase your own productivity. Even to the smartest person on the planet, small nuances may seem like global problems that only a team of specialists can solve.

Therefore, do not hesitate to involve colleagues in solving such nuances. Collaboration like pair programming and other collective practices is a productive modern approach.

Prioritize correctly

It is almost impossible to code well or solve a complex dilemma when your head is teeming with other thoughts. Therefore, you need to learn how to do one task at a time.

If it is extremely important for you to solve a certain problem in the middle of an existing one, schedule a timeout. After solving the problem, go back to the original one. Don’t be overwhelmed by several things at the same time.

Work comes first

Don’t be distracted by social media. Practice self-discipline and stay committed to your work. This way your productivity will not be affected.

Great power of a mentor

Having a good mentor is a great source of motivation. Some students strive to surpass their teachers. Moreover, if your strength in solving any problems is running out, you can always turn to a mentor for help.

Understanding the business project

Any efficiency and productivity will be reduced to zero if the developer does not understand what he is dealing with. Therefore, before starting the development, study the project and ask the customer all the questions that interest you.

Do not overwork

The productive work of an backend developer directly depends on the ability to relax. No one canceled a full sleep, especially since its absence strongly affects the care and efficiency of the specialist. So remember to take your meal breaks and remember that night is the time for a healthy sleep.

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