Find Out The Winner Of Shopify VS Squarespace Here

Where everything is just a click away, why your business should lag behind? We are living in an era where the majority of things moving from brick and mortar concept to the online stores. With the unbeatable benefits, many retailers are moving online for startups and even for well-established businesses. The only thing that matters in business is survival. Long survival is not possible with been offline for a longer period. There is no harm in having an offline store but what about those competitors and customers who are dealing online?

It’s good that you have made up your mind to move online. So next we are going to read about the two different e-commerce website Shopify VS Squarespace to mark your electronic presence. Firstly decide what exactly you want? 

Still confused? Let’s simply put Shopify and Squarespace in each arm of the weighing scale and lets measure whose benefits weigh more. 

  1. Easy To Use

The basic parameter of comparison starts with the ease of use. Squarespace is much simpler to use as it can different types of functionalities with one another. While Shopify is a combination of complexities for the novice as it meant especially for the online store sector. But for the geek, it has great flexibility and customization opportunities.

Who Wins?

Its a tie between Shopify and Squarespace as both are winners. The Simplicity of Squarespace and the specialization of Shopify has equal number of fan following.

2. Price

The next ultimate parameter of comparison is price. Price may not be a concerning issue for the big and established players but it could be a factor to consider for a new startup. Although Shopify is a bit costlier than Squarespace but they have a plethora of alternatives. It is generally considered as a tool of growth. 

Those who don’t want to lose the insight of growth factor but also want to save cash then Shopify’s annual plan is the correct option available. 

Pricing Plans:✔ Lite ($9/mo);✔ Basic Shopify ($29/mo);✔ Shopify ($79/mo);✔ Advanced Shopify ($299/mo).Personal Plan $12/mo ✔ Business Plan $18/mo✔Basic Online Store $26/mo ✔ Advanced ($40/mo).

Before finalizing a particular option, go through below screenshots of individual pricing and what are the different features in the package.



Who Wins?

In the round, the clear cut winner is Shopify for serving the platter of extraordinary features and alternates. 

3. Features


The subsequent parameter to be considered while making a decision is the features and flexibility that is going to provide. Shopify has a bucket of options for creating an online store for managing products and sales. The ready to use catalog modules is an additional benefit. Its feature EU VAT which helps in saving time from calculations.

Along with the ready-made solution for social media marketing, reporting, loyalty programs, it can integrate with third-party services for unlimited growth. Each product feature in 3D  model helps in giving an exact sense about the color, item’s size and other characteristics of item. Even you can avail of the benefit of turning the Facebook page into a trading platform without actually building one. 


Talking about the feature of Shopify’s competitor, Squarespace is meant for those whose focus is to build content-based websites. The in-built Metrics App lets you to analysis website stats along with the option to integrate with Google Analytics. Since the absent of own app stores give you limited options to integrate with other platforms. One of the edgy benefits of Squarespace is the availability of high discount rates, coupons and promo codes.  

Who Wins?

This round also leads by Shopify for its vast features and flexibility to offer to the customers. With Squarespace further extension become difficult. 

4. Customer Care

The next element of comparison is the back support service team. Shopify offers easy to understand tutorials and guides to help in building a website from the beginning. Customers can get in touch with the representative via phone and Live Chat. Even the option to create a thread on the Shopify forum helps to discuss the problems of other users as well.  

While talking about Squarespace customer services, it offers help through the mail.  Its user guide, blog, article along with 24/7 Live chat proves of great help. 

Who Wins?

It becomes difficult to judge the winner of this round as both give direct access to its customers. So the verdict of this round is TIE.

5. Templates:

Look matters at least in the case of a webstore. Let dig about the designs and templates of Squarespace and Shopify. 


The beauty of their templates is of the next level. The themes majorly belong to blogs, portfolios and content-based websites. It offers HTML and CSS editing available at the premium plan. Even the option of 90 plus themes gave enough choice to give a professional look. The freedom of visual editor and mobile optimization makes it more appealing. 


Shopify has a very limited number of themes as compared to Squarespace. But these limited themes are very user-friendly and beautiful. The paid client would have access to more than 60 themes and for the free templates, the number is limited to 10. CSS and HTML editing is easy but the editing part is limited to the technicians only.  The templates are mobile-friendly. 

Who Wins?

Both players have their own flaws in the templates round. The result of this round is a clear tie. 

Who Is The Final Winner?

The final winner of Shopify vs Squarespace competition is Shopify. Shopify maintains the lead of two points in the game. Firstly you need to identify the real need of the hour then can decide whether you want a specific eCommerce website or just a website with eCommerce feature. Discussed above the details about both the package. For all the tech updates around the world, keep looking for Tecnographx.