Five Things You Should Be Looking for in an Assisted Living Facility

Whether for yourself or a loved one, looking into an assisted living facility can be both scary and a necessity. For loved ones especially, you want to ensure that their needs are met and that they can live comfortably under a watchful eye.

Unfortunately, not all of these facilities were created equally. When you are looking for an assisted care facility, there are a few important things that you should be considering before making a commitment of any kind.

1. Cleanliness

This is going to be the new home for your senior loved one. For that reason, you need to make sure that it is up to proper living standards so that they can continue to live a full, happy life. If the facility looks dingy or dirty, that’s a major warning sign.

Make sure that not only the rooms but common areas and even entryways are properly cared for and maintained. If anything looks run down or uncared for, it is a sign as to how the facility treats not only the grounds but those living on them.

2. The Staff

While living spaces should be clean, the single most important factor in a proper assisted living facility is the staff providing care. These individuals can make your loved one’s stay as comfortable or miserable as possible.

Get to know the staff a bit. Find out what the staff-to-resident ratio is, how many are on during the day, and how many are on at night. Find out about the turnover rate and what kind of experience that they have. Knowing these things can give you the peace of mind that you need when it comes to putting your senior loved ones into an assisted care facility.

3. Know the Amenities

Each assisted care facility comes with its own set of programs and amenities. Take a tour of the facility and see all that it has to offer for your loved one. That may mean things such as group activities or games, common areas, and more.

Check the rooms as well. They each come with amenities that may or may not compliment your loved one’s stay. Knowing the facilities back to front is a good indication of what their stay will be like and whether or not they will enjoy their time there.

4. Try the Food

This is one of the more overlooked aspects of assisted care facilities but it is important as well. Take the time to grab a meal in the cafeteria if one is available. Trying the food has more benefits than simply seeing what the quality of food is like.

Talk to the residents as they dine. Ask them what their days are like and how they enjoy the facilities. This will give you an honest, earnest look into what the facility is really like. It will also unearth anything that could be hidden beneath the surface.

5. Short- and Long-Term Care Needs

Finally, make sure that you are choosing a facility that has the ability to accommodate not only the short-term needs of your loved ones, but their long-term care needs as well. Part of this comes with the steps outlined above.

But there is also the question of whether or not the facility can adapt to your loved one and their changing needs. Talk to the staff about the potential evaluation of care plans. Knowing that a facility has a contingency plan for when care needs change is hugely important. It means that you are leaving your loved one in great care.