Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company was founded by Henry Ford. It is an automobile company that deals in selling automobiles that can be used for commercial purposes and also in selling luxurious cars under the brand name Lincoln. Ford Motor Company is one of the biggest automobile companies in the world that produces top of the line automobiles with high quality features and specifications. The company has several automotive subsidiaries that are working in different parts of the world which includes Canada, Australia, India, Unite Kingdom, Germany, Italy and Brazil.

Ford Motor Company is not only confined to its own brand but it has various other companies that fall under the name of this brand. They are as follows:

1. Ford Motor Credit Company

Ford Motor Credit Company is extremely important for the brand itself as it deals specifically in helping the company finance the products that are needed by the consumers and dealers of the brand. It is also given the responsibility to approve loans that are put forth for different automobiles, which includes commercial, business and new buyers of the car. The cars offered can either be used or brand new. It depends solely on the demand of the consumer.

2. Auto Alliance (Thailand) Co, Ltd

The Ford Motor Company has also entered into a joint venture with the Mazda Motor Corporation. It is known as the Auto Alliance Co, Ltd. The joint venture is responsible for creating cars for the automobile market that operates within Thailand and extends to other parts of South Asia.

3. Ford Motor Land Development Corporation

The Ford Motor Land Development Corporation is given the task to create and build the headquarters of the company in different places across the globe. Uptil  now the company has managed to build their headquarters on a 5 million square feet of land in areas like Dearborn, Michigan, Detroit and Allen Park.

4. Changan Ford Automobile Corporation, Ltd

Just like Auto Alliance, Changan Ford Automobile Corporation is also a joint venture between the Ford Motor Company and the Changan Ford Automobile corporation. Due to this joint venture the Chinese company is now the fourth largest auto manufacturer in China. The Chinese company has up to five plants where the assembling of the products take place.

Ford Motor Company is without any doubt the most famous and reliable car manufacturer that exists in the world today. People are not going to regret their decision of using their car either for business or personal purposes.

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