GDF-15 ELISA Kit and Its Uses

Macrophage inhibitory cytokine-1 was the first thing to be identified with the presence of GDF-15 (Growth and differentiation factor 15)

It is a protein having a place with the changing development factor beta superfamily. Under typical conditions, GDF-15 is communicated in low fixations in many organs and upregulated in view of injury of organs, for example, for example, liver, kidney, heart and lung. 

Its Capacity

The capacity of GDF-15 isn’t completely cleared yet it appears to have a job in controlling inflammatory pathways and to be engaged with managing apoptosis, cell fix and cell development, which are natural procedures seen in cardiovascular and neoplastic diseases. GDF-15 has been demonstrated to be a solid prognostic protein in patients with various disorders, for example, heart ailments and cancer. 

Metformin has appeared to cause an increased amount of GDF-15. This expansion intervenes in the impact of body weight reduction by metformin.

Use Of GDF-15 ELISA Kits

The Enzyme linked immunosorbent assay or ELISA is a versatile application used in the diagnosis and study of various proteins. You can simply collect samples from humans and test them for certain supported proteins. ELISA kits are made for specific targets. The target specific ELISA Kits can be used in immunodetection experiments.

When buying the ELISA Kits online, you can filter them according to the protein family they focus on. For example, if you want to focus on GDF-15, you can buy a GDF-15 ELISA Kit. This can help you in your experiments and in testing GDF-15.