Generator On Renting Vs Buying for Industrial

Nearly every business in the world requires power and some more than others. From the department stores to manufacturing plants, you have to rely on your power source to hold the lights on and your value production steadily moving forward. Whether you’re serving call center, software development, or running heavy machinery, or doing any other work when the power goes out then your business will stop.

Fortunately, there is no need to send everyone home and losses your business. It’s just a little power and all you need is a backup generator. which is very necessary for doing our business. To avoid this type of situation today we are going to illustrate buy vs a generator on renting.

Many factors are in the equation when acquiring a commercial or industrial power generator. Once we decide the size and style of the generator, the next step is often deciding if a generator on renting or purchasing is the best option. This article provides an overview of factors to consider when we Buying Vs Generator On Renting.

What’s better Buying vs generator on Renting?

Both buying and renting has some advantages, but here what’s better for you it depends on your circumstances. The rule of thumb states Renting is cheaper than buying.

Generator on renting: You pay less upfront. While many landlords ask for first and last month’s rent, as well as a security deposit, this is still less than what you’d likely pay for a down payment. So let’s see the advantages of buying or renting a generator.

Advantages of Generator on renting for a Business

Considering why you should rent? let’s see the top reason why should you consider a generator on rent, which is listed below.

Low maintenance and downtime when considering a renting generator

When we consider a generator on rent, you’ll have the peace of mind that the generators are CARB(California Air Resource Board) certified and well maintained. and Generators you own which need to be serviced by someone. If you hire your own technicians, that means increased costs for your labor force.

you may Pick a partner who is delivering you a full power equipment rental generator that includes service and support from trained technicians.

Generator rentals are continually and routinely maintained because we deliver good products to every customer. if you expect to get the right generator to handle the load you need. you have to go to experienced technicians who can install the generator and respond to any service or emergency situation when your generator is not working properly.

Saving Money when a generator on renting

saving money is one of the greatest benefits of renting a generator is that it can often be cheaper to rent instead of buy. If you only need a generator for a short-term event or project, then renting is usually your best option.

Savings also extend to the maintenance, storage, and transport of your generator. Generators require maintenance, even if they’re sitting unused. Saving this money means you can target more jobs, that does not matter what size they are.

No Installation Cost

When you renting a generator then there are no installation charges because the company will install the generator which gives renting a generator to you, that’s why renting is better.

Available on Short Notice

most outages are not planned, and rental units are ready to go on very short notice in many areas of everywhere.

Generator Size Flexibility

You can get the ability to return a generator sized for a particular job and select another generator for your next project or another job.

Generator Configuration Options

Many of the rental generators are set up to provide many different configurations options like voltage selector switches, numerous connection options, advanced control panels, stabilize the voltage and are generally easier to modify on the fly in many cases.

Rent to own options

It affords the customer the ability to purchase a leased generator at the end of the rental period.

Pros and Cons of Generator on Renting in Emergency


  • You don’t own it, because there is no large upfront capital rented. If you purchase the generator, the cost is shared with other facilities.
  • You have flexibility in where you get the generator from also you have multiple sources and be able to bargain for the price.
  • However, you have either shared or no long term maintenance cost.


  • You don’t own the generator
  • The travel time may be a delay to get the generator to your site, when if the road is not good
  • It may require some special equipment(eg. crane) and some extra person to install it.
  • In power grid failure or big natural disaster, it may be hard to locate a generator because it’s competing for demand.

Why should I go for a generator on renting?

There are several benefits to using a renting generator, which we illustrate below.

  • It acts as the perfect solution for temporary needs such as events, functions, meetings, etc.
  • Renting is to save money instead of buying a generator.
  • The rental provider may help you to decide the right generator based on your needs.
  • Along with rental charges, all maintenance expenses include.

Advantages of Purchasing a Generator

Long-term use is the primary reason for purchasing a generator set. Selecting the proper size and generator rating is imperative when designing the power generation system. A thumb rule for the rating is:

  • Emergency/Standby- used when utility power is fail
  • Prime- used approximately 8 hours per day
  • Continuos- operations shut down for maintenance

Once the correct generator is selected and installed some key advantages of purchasing a   generator which is listed below.

Asset Ownership

You have your private equipment and you didn’t lock into rental agreements, set time period, and you can also resell it if desired.

Saving vs. Long Term Rental Costs

When renting is a large commercial generator over many months then the cost can increase quickly. This is where it is helpful to look at all the possible scenarios and do the calculation on how much it costs for extended rentals with monthly breakdowns, and also consider what happens if you need the generator for longer than initially planned.

You May Control Power Availability

control the power availability, Emergency, prime, or continuous power in a permanent installation can control by the rental contract. There is no limit in the event where local rental generators may not be available during peak rental times.

Configuration Modifications

Every generator installation is different from the last, permanent installations require individual configurations that rental units often do not offer including things like the ability to customize wiring, fabricate custom ad-on, modify enclosures, and customizing exhaust systems and fuel tanks, just to name a few.

Internal Staff Maintenance and Repair Options

Facilities with maintenance staff can select to perform their own maintenance and repairs saving some cost.  More forward testing, such as load bank testing is still usually contracted out with a local service provider.

External Staff Maintenance and Repair Options

For facilities with limited or no maintenance personnel, the most qualified local generator service provider can be used.

Pros and cons of purchasing an emergency generator


  • You own the generator
  • We can immediately start-up during power failure
  • Additionally, you are familiar with the generator and its operations.
  • The organization has its own generator whose size is according to your workplace and that can fulfill your daily needs.


  • The upfront capital investment can be costly.
  • Always long term maintenance requires.
  • A disaster damages your plant may also damage your generator.

What should I look for When Buying a Generator

  • Power and outlet: The first thing you have to know is how much power you need
  • Fuel type: You have to know about fuel types which are diesel or petrol.
  • Fuel tank: if fuel tanks are bigger than the longer you can go between refueling.
  • Starting: check the starting of the generator is good or not.
  • Noise level
  • Check EFI(electronic fuel injection).
  • The wheel kit is good or not.
  • Lift Hook Bar is lifting properly or not.

Transportation and Services

After the purchasing or renting of the generator’s agreement is to decide, the remaining items are transported to the site for installation and connection. A smaller portable generator can be easily moved to job sites with a truck equipped with a ball & hitch or ring & pintle hitch. and Semi-trucks equipped with 5th-wheels connections transport larger units.

The two basic styles of permanent generators installations are sound attenuation enclosures and skid mounted. Both basic styles can require special loading and shipping steps.

Selecting a Generator Supplier

Selecting a generator supplier who can help meet your needs is one of the next primary steps to make in the decision process. The company should have some key attributes which are list below.

  • Time in Business: see how long a company has been in business and what are the rating of customers?
  • Size of stock: does the company have a sufficient stock to supply a selected generator with short time or waiting period of the generator.
  • Transportation: does the company has transporter or crane service vendors?
  • Service: can the company supply the rental, maintenance, and repair services?


In this blog, you can find here Reasons To Require An Emergency Rental Generator. Would you want to know more details about our New Generator and Used Generators? Maybe you would like to get more information, or you have a particular question. Contact us. Our team at EO energy looks forward to hearing from you.