Georgia Emily Austin Reveals The Big Mistakes Brands Make With Content

Big or small, all brands need content. Effective content marketing – the right words shared at the right time and fully optimized for Google search – helps a brand communicate to the heart of its customers. But, how do you find the right words? CEO Georgia Austin believes there is one big mistake companies make when it comes to content, and she’s on a mission to help them put it right.

Georgia Austin has built her career around effective content. She’s the founder and CEO of Wizard of Content, a rapidly-growing start-up agency taking a non-traditional approach to copywriting. She says, “I don’t believe that brands understand the importance of a solid content strategy and on-brand copy that genuinely speaks to their customers.” Georgia believes that effective content marketing is rooted in emotion – the words need to make a customer feel something. Namely, an affinity for the brand and its products or services.

According to Georgia Austin, SEO is vital, but generic content that ticks the search box without focussing on the emotional triggers behind customer decisions won’t be effective. It’s something that all brands need to consider when planning content strategy. She says, “If you don’t have these things, you aren’t speaking the same language as your target customer.” The affinity a customer feels for a brand is vital. She adds, “People want to feel like they are part of something – a community – and customers buy into brands as well as products.”

For Georgia, this is where a solid, well-planned content strategy comes in. For some organizations, however, she recognizes this can be difficult. Especially if there is no in-house digital content team or if that team is over-stretched and needs to focus on varied priorities. She believes in these cases, a copywriting agency like Wizard of Content brings real benefits. “Having a helping hand to brainstorm what kind of content their audience wants to see is a lifeline many businesses tend to underestimate.”

Georgia Austin is speaking from experience. After honing her copywriting and content strategy skills with leading brands such as Nike, Under Armour, and Sweaty Betty, she incorporated Wizard of Content in March 2020 after a brief spell freelancing. She attributes its exponential success to excellent client satisfaction, referrals, and repeat business – so much so that the company has spent very little on marketing to date. Performance content, for Georgia, sells itself.

“Companies come to us,” says Georgia, “as a seamless extension of their in-house team.” The value her agency brings is in helping companies avoid the big mistake of writing content without a strategic plan. Her team of creative specialist writers – all well-versed in SEO best practices – ensure copy creates a verbal identity that resonates effectively with customers.