GGHTx Co-Founder Avi Kerendian Discusses Telehealth Partnership During COVID-19 Crisis

Co-Founders of GGHTx, Avi Kerendian and Dr. Arash Hakhamian, have started a GGHTx and Dentulu

alliance on combating global health disparities through a revolutionary, free telehealth platform!

GGHTx Co-Founder Avi Kerendian Plans for COVID-19

Program Director and Co-Founder of GGHTx, Avi Kerendian, is on a mission. Avi Kerendian’s vision with GGHTx has been simple: to help underserved people in the most disadvantaged areas of Latin America and Uganda, through the the support of young professionals in the health sector, who are destined to create sustainable change in these places.

Although the current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a suspension of travel for the time being, the vision continues. For this reason, the GGHTX program has partnered with Dentulu, which is a startup tech specialist in everything related to telehealth and teledentistry.

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Who is Dentulu Co-Founder Dr. Arash Hakhamian?

Who is Dr. Arash Hakhamian from the GGHTx nonprofit?Dr. Arash Hakhamian is an important leader in GGHTx as he is the co-founder and medical director specializing in dental and oral surgery.Dr. Arash is a lecturer and passionate about helping others, and has extensive experience as a volunteer. His participation and leadership in establishing the GGHTx program has been invaluable, as GGHTx has become a unique organization, exclusively for students or young professionals in the health, in which volunteers can travel the world helping others.

Dr. Arash’s wish is that these amazing volunteer trips will soon be back, transforming the world for both doctors and patients.

Who is GGHTx Co-Founder Avi Kerendian?

Who is the Co-Founder Avi Kerendian of the GGHTx program? Avi Kerendian, is a key player in the development of the GGHTx program, as he is the co-founder, and currentprogram director of the global health nonprofit. He holds a Biology degreemagna cum laude, and has experience working at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC), where he trained in multiple research-related specialties involving glioblastoma and breast cancer. He also has a tremendous passion for helping people, which has contributed to making the program a worldwide success. Kerendian also speak several languages: English, Hebrew, Persian and Spanish, all fluently.

GGHTx and Dentulu Partnership

Dr. Arash and Avi Kerendian have used their desire to help and contribute toeffected communitiesto create an alliance with the creation of Dentulu, a recognized telehealth company that specializes in teledentistry, which is a company and industry that will revolutionize health care service for these third world countries. With this partnership, GGHTx will be able to reach the most remote places, and even have continuous monitoring of patients through technological resources that are available to almost everyone such as email, a mobile device, telephone or computer. In fact, studies have detected that a wide range of chronic diseases can be treated and monitored remotely. For that reason, “Gracias” Global Health Trips (GGHTx) will make Dentulu freely available to the most vulnerable people in the world so that vulnerable patients can be treated, through remote consultations or diagnoses.This in itself will be an invaluable help to revolutionizing the global health and telehealth delivery industry, especially for the nonprofit sector. The short-term plan is to scale the platform that continues in supporting low-income patients or people living in remote areas for free, as well as keep up with new technological trends, as the world is rapidly moving to a digital landscape that can no longer be ignored.

Contact Information for GGHTx and Avi Kerendian

For more information on volunteering and partnerships, please contact Avi Kerendian, Co-Founder and Program Director of GGHTx via email at, LinkedIn visit the GGHTx website at