Guide to Wind Damage Property Claim Lawyer

Wind blowing over in extreme high-velocity speed can potentially cause damages to your property beyond measures. Some of the most common wind damage property claims include fences blown down, trees and large chunks of trees all blown over the property, entire roofs blowing off, leaky windows amongst many other claims. The damages caused by wind is anything but subtle and lasts longer than people usually realize.

Things to do after a storm, primarily if it has caused significant damages

Sometimes, the insurance companies refuse to provide coverage for wind damage insurance claimsand to get a fair settlement from them you need to hire an experienced claim liability lawyer.  So, as soon as you are hit by a hurricane, storm or high-velocity wind, there are certain things you must do, as soon as the conditions outside normalize.

  • Inspect your entire property thoroughly and document all damages very carefully. If possible, take detailed photographs and make videos of the same as proof or evidence of property damage due to wind. Also, if you have any pictures before the destruction by wind, that will help in making a strong claim.
  • No matter how insignificant or how devastating the property damages by wind are, you must keep an eye out to any backdoor entryways which are exposed.  Also, check out for any other source that may seem to cause a potential threat on your property and further aggregate the extent of the damage to your property. If you find that certain things need repairs immediately, then go ahead and address them. Keep a record of all the expenses along with proof, as the receipt.
  • Sooner the better, file your claims as to the earliest when it comes to claiming insurance, every single day matters. Once you submit your claim for insurance, it is most likely that the insurance company will send the designated personnel to assess the damages of your property. Ensure to keep a record of any contact between you and your insurance company. You must also ensure to get a written correspondence about the damages on your property due to wind, by the insurance company.
  • It is advisable to hire a public damage adjuster, as the assessment done by the independent adjuster may vary from that done by the public adjuster. The evaluation by the public adjuster is crucial in claiming the right amount.

The common damages caused by the wind

Commercial and residential property owner have to face significant loss and witness massive damages to their property, due to a storm, hurricane or an episode of high-velocity winds.

  • Water intrusion
  • Broken windows
  • Damages to the walls due to the collision of chunks of debris with the walls
  • Damaged air conditioning units
  • Damaged outdoor furniture
  • Extreme damage to the exterior paintwork, cladding or stucco
  • Massive damages to the roof which include broken and missing shingles, cracked shingles, structural damages amongst other destructions
  • Broken and shattered shutters
  • Uprooted trees, including fallen ones
  • Fallen fences

The most prevailing reasons why insurance companies deny the insurance claims over Wind Damage Property Claim

The damages caused during wind destruction is often above the deductible. Hence, we all have insurance for the same and seek out to insurance companies when the need arises. But the insurance companies do not make it easy for us either. Most of the insurance companies use the very policy that you are using to claim coverage for, to find exclusions. Finding exclusions in your policy allows them and gives them the excuse not to pay the coverage, that is rightfully yours. some of the common reason how insurance companies may underpay you or completely deny your claim is:

  • Wear and tear damage claim

Once the submission of your claim is complete an insurance adjuster comes on the site, that is, your property to inspect the damages. In most cases, the adjuster states that the damage to the property is due to regular wear and tear and is not from the wind damages, as claimed by the claimant.

  • Claiming that the said damage is due to the flood and is not the cause of the said wind event

The homeowner’s policy for damages due to flood is a separate policy. Hence, most insurance companies try to convey that the damage and destruction on the property are due to the flooding and it has nothing to do with wind damages if there is a scenario where both flood and high-velocity wind destruction is at play.

  • Full Roof Replacement- Avoiding it at all costs

As dictated by the state-federal law, if 25% of the roof is damaged during storms or hurricanes, it must be replaced. Most insurance companies will try and allege that the damages caused by the storm are less than 25% so that they do not have to ber the cost of replacing an entire roof. They will try and state that the damages to the roof are due to poor maintenance and negligence of the owner. Hence, the insurance company is not liable to bear the cover for the costs.

Why is it essential to hire the best and the most experienced Wind Damage Property Claim Lawyer?

The insurance policy for wind damage on your property is a contract written in the legal language along with industry specific terms which at times may be difficult for the layman to understand. On the other hand, the best and the most experienced Wind Damage Property Claim Lawyer is well versed in the legal language and understands all the industry-specific terminologies. They have knowledge about the workings of the insurance company and how do they deal with each claim. Thus, when you consult an attorney for your claiming, chances are, you will not have to go through the hassles of the legal matters, and the procedure is smooth and easy.

Apart from the reasons mentioned earlier, the insurance company will also try to find loopholes at every stage to avoid paying the cover for your claim. Our property damage lawyers are well aware of their tricks and will help you to get your rightful claim, in case of property damage due to wind