Hard furs ideal for retaining winter warmth

When the winter months appear, it is easy for people to feel the cold like never before. The winter months often feel like the harshest jump from one climate to the next. While the move from spring to summer can feel gradual, temperature dips from autumn to winter can be shocking. This can leave individuals with a wardrobe simply not cut out for the weather that awaits them when they leave their homes. That is why many people are choosing to go for particular fur coats to help them stay warm when the cold weather arrives. But which kind of fur is right for you?

While many fur wearers tend to prefer a plush, softer fur, hard fur is often more suitable for dealing with winter. The stronger, courser nature of the fur might feel less fluffy and therefore less enveloping, but it does tend to trap in the heat better. If the aim is to find a fur coat that is going to help retain heat, then it might make sense to look for harder furs.

Everyone, though, has their own personal taste. This is why it is important to note that softer furs will still keep you warm – but for particularly cold days, harder fur can feel more effective at keeping the heat in. This means that you can soon build up enough body heat to feel comfortable, even if you need to spend many hours out in the infamous winter cold.

Hard fur – the ideal choice for staying warm this winter

Fur is massively back in fashion at the moment, as it tends to be during the winter months. Professional fur specialists such as Aria Mode provide a place to buy specialist fur of all shapes and thicknesses. This means that finding both hard and softer fur should be easy; the choice then comes down to how you feel most comfortable.

Many fur wearers tend to find that the harder the fur, the more likely it is to lock the heat into the actual coat itself. This is sure to keep you warmer for longer, whilst making sure that heat is not escaping through the seams as easily as it can with other fur products.

While there is no “right” answer, those who are looking for a heat-trapping fur coat might want something that is harder. Softer furs also tend to bulkier and bigger, making them more comfortable to wear on things like public transport. If you tend to do a lot of walking, though, hard fur coats tend to help keep the heat trapped in a bit better.

The choice should be personal, but if the main thing you search for is comfort then you absolutely should look at hard furs first and foremost. They tend to be the best choice for keeping the heat trapped in, giving you all of the help that you need to stay warm even when the infamous winter weather kicks in in style.

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