Height Increasing Shoes for Women

Have you ever taken note of the shape of women’s shoes? Have you heard women complaining of the tight fit of their shoes? Women are right to complain because their shoes are made with a tight-fit design and this concept has deep roots in traditional beliefs of women’s beauty.

History at fault

Historically, many communities around the world idolized small and petite women. More often than not, women tend to have smaller frames than men, which covers the entire body including the feet. To date, small feet on women is idolized and fetishized while the exact opposite is true for men.

In certain Asian communities, there was a well-known tradition of women wrapping their feet tightly bandages during their puberty years to prevent the feet from growing big and maintain a petite look. This resulted in the women having deformed feet and suffering from chronic pain when they get older.

The evolution of footwear is attributed to footwear and the advancement of ideologies in societies, especially among women. Women now want to have total control of their bodies without being forced to follow certain beauty standards. As such, the footwear industry has now evolved to create and accommodate women with wide feet.

Wide fit shoes

You will often find that women’s shoes, in any category from flats to heels, have a converging shape at the toes where the shoe forms a sharp end at the middle. This shape goes against the normal shape of most people’s feet whereby the big toe stands out as the rest of the toes follow in a near-descending order with regard to height. When women wear their shoes, their toes are forced to reorganize themselves in order to fit the converging fit of the shoes. The toes are often squeezed and women end up suffering from bunions and chronic pain on their feet and backs.

During the evolution of footwear, platform shoes provided a wide fit for women. Platform shoes paved the way for height increasing shoes to shake up the footwear industry and cater to the specific needs of women. Click here for read more about shoes.

Wide shoes for women have been introduced to provide maximum comfort to women when wearing any type of shoe. For starters, the wide fit shoes are now accommodating women with shoe sizes that are often higher than the average woman. The shoes are also presenting women with a wide fit on the toes in order to fit the toes comfortable and allow room for movement. GuidoMaggi elevator shoes for women are made with the women in mind in terms of providing utmost comfort while still accentuating the aesthetic of the wearer. You can get a pair of elevator shoes from their physical shops or order your favorite look online while specifying your pa