Here Are Mistakes To Avoid During Team Introduction

Every year, a company takes in many new faces as its employees. All these aspirants come forth and join the company as the new members wherein they promise to share their skills and talent and work together with the organization in achieving all its goals. 

After the process of joining the new employees to the company, a team introduction program or event is conducted by the team leader. The team introduction program is nothing but an interactive session hosted especially for the new employees where they get an opportunity of introducing themselves to each other. Team introduction can be physical or virtual. 

The advantage of a team introduction event for the company is that this event helps the new team members open up to the company. Team introduction can also be followed by various team-building activities. Both these instances have a common objective of turning the environment of the company more amicable for one and all. 

If you are a fresher to any company or organization, it is imperative to participate in the team introduction program. Do not worry if you are an introvert or fear public speaking, as we have got you covered. Here are some quick team introduction instructions to follow to introduce yourself perfectly in the event: 

Speak with a smile: 

Start introducing yourself with a slight smile on your face. Your smile depicts your confidence. It also makes the listeners comfortable. Smile acts as a friendly approach. It also signifies that you are trying to be warm with the people around you. You can further put in your details such as your name, your post of joining, etc. 

Do not overload the introduction: 

According to experts, every introduction should be short and sweet. Thus, do not overwhelm your introduction with a lot of information. 

The same rule applies to the team leader hosting an induction program. Being a team leader, it is advised not to swamp your starter with too much information. Your freshers may feel disheartened and may also think that they are not a good fit for the post/role. You can divide the induction program into a fulsome induction week. Using this strategy, you allow all the freshers plenty of time to understand their roles. 

Share the spotlight: 

It’s okay to feel anxious or jittery on the first day of work or an induction program. If you fear being in the spotlight for long, quickly shift the conversation to the other fresher present in the event. Sharing the spotlight always helps you make a balance of the situation. Thus, you will not end up appearing nervous to your team. 

Focus on your body language

Many personality experts suggest always taking care of body language when you start having a word with people. Whether it is your induction program or any other event, you must focus on your body language by all means. 

Start with a light handshake. Stand tall and have open body language. It creates a lasting impression on the onlookers. If you are participating in a virtual induction program, ensure sitting straight. Do not hunch. Keep your phone away from the laptop/computer system. Dress well to create a lasting impression. 

Do not make personal comments: 

Whether you are hosting an induction program or participating in the same, stay away from making personal comments on any employee or team member. Avoid alluding to personal topics such as discussions about their relationship, illness, or any other sensitive topic. Stick to the job title only. 


Introducing yourself and others to the induction program is integral for building good business relationships and networking. There may be pitfalls in the process. However, they can be avoided easily. Take care of these instructions and introduce yourself successfully.