How Do I Know What Size Watch Band I Need?

Watches are loved by both men and women equally and it is considered as one of the most important accessories. They provide both function and fashion and make your life easier. Wrist watches come in different styles, shapes and sizes. They are different materials available as well, some prefer wrist watches with leather bands, some with silicone bands or some with nylon bands. 

One of the most important factors before buying a wristwatch is size. If your wristwatch is too loose or too tight then it doesn’t look great. Are you also among those people who are confused about what size watch band you need? If your answer is yes, then you are at the right place. We are going to tell you easy tips and simple basics about watch band sizes. Give it a read!

Choose your Personal Style

No, we will not ask you to ditch your favorite type of watch. But we are asking you to buy what you like. Whether you like big dials or small dials, silicone bands or leather bands you can choose your personal style, there is no restriction on that. You can surely buy your favorite color and material that makes you feel comfortable. Leather watch bands[best nato straps], stainless-steel watch bands or nylon bands all are equally important, and you can choose whatever you like.

Measuring the length of the watch band

Now we are heading towards the most important part which means to measure the length of the watch band. For this, you need an inch tape or ruler. For the length you need to keep the most important and general rule which is that you must buy the watch band according to the width of your wrist. If you have a thin wrist then don’t blindly buy tight wrist watches thinking it will make your wrist look a bit thick. Too loose watch bands also look very unattractive and they are always sliding over the hands which makes you feel uncomfortable as well. If you think adjustable watch bands would always work, then you are wrong as well. 

Men and women, both have different wrist sizes so watch bands lengths are different as well. For women, average length is between six and three quarters (6 ¾) to eight and half inches (8 ½). You must try the watch band and see if you are comfortable with its length and material. If you are buying online then measure your waist band and then buy a waist band one inch greater than your wrist size. For men, the average length is seven and half inches (7 ½) to nine and a half inches (9 ½). 

Don’t confuse the length of the watchband with the full length of a watch as that includes the length of case as well. On average the extra length ranges between one and half inches to almost 2 inches. 

Measuring the width of the watch band

The length of the watchband is the most important factor when discussing the right size of watch band, but the width also plays an important role. People with large wrists should not opt thin watch bands as it would make their wrist look larger and people with thin wrists should not go for thick watch bands as it would make their wrist look thinner. 

Before selecting a watch band, make sure that the watch band should be half the width of the diameter of the case. Also measure the width between the lugs (the place where watch bands connect with the case) as some watch bands gradually become smaller at the ends.  A bit difference wouldn’t look bad, this is what it is recommended. Again, we would recommend you buy watch bands that fall on the average spectrum. For men, the average width of the watch band is between 0.7 inches (18 mm) and 0.95 inches (24 mm). For women, the watch cases are generally between 24mm to 28mm, so average width is between 0.6 inches (15mm) and 0.86 inches (22mm).  

General Tips

The above sizing is not a hard and fast rule, but these are standard sizes. You can change the length and width according to your personal style and taste. If you think it is perfectly fitting you then you don’t have to find something else.

If you already own a watch that has good styling and you think it fits you perfectly then you can measure its size and buy the same. But keep one thing in mind, a watch with a silicone watch band or stainless-steel watch band would not only have a different look and feel but size would be a bit different too.

 The watch case matters a lot as well because too many big watch cases with smaller lugs look highly unattractive, or too many small watch cases with bigger lugs also don’t look great. The best approach is to find average sizing and what suits your personal style.  

If you are still confused about which watch band you should buy, then keep one thing in mind that watch sizes are also designed around averages. It is the same case with the clothing that mostly people are happy with the average size. Not all people are satisfied with average sizes, in this case you can go to shop and try different sizes and lengths and select which makes you feel comfortable and satisfied. 

If you are not comfortable with one material, you can try different materials as well. There are multiple materials of watch bands[samsung gear sport bands] and you can select any of them depending on what you like the most and makes you comfortable. 

Don’t take a lot of stress while selecting the right watch band size, it is not rocket science, nor you have to stress about it. If you like something just go for it. You can take extra time and effort to find the right size watch band only if you are willing to do it.