How do I make my printer Airprint to print with IOS devices?

One can print with their IOS devices whether the printer is compatible with Airprint or not. This page has the solution for how to make my printer Airprint

It doesn’t matter if the printer is Airprint compatible or not!

IOS devices have a huge fan following and a wide range of users. The users of I-phones are addicted to clicking hundreds of photos because of its supreme camera quality. Not only for the Printer For photographs but sometimes they also had to print notes from Native Note app, emails or some other files. 

Now the thing is that, who have an Airprint compatible wireless printer, they feel fortunate. It is because the Airprint app allows them to print their digital files from their IOS devices easily. But the people who don’t have an air print compatible wireless printer, they do not need to feel bad.

It is because we have the best and easiest solution to fulfil their printing needs. The method is as simple as Airprint. To know the full process of how do I make my printer Airprint, you need to read the entire article. First, we are going to discuss how to print via the Airprint app, and after that, we will discuss the solution for non-compatible printers.

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How to print via the Airprint app?

If you have an AirPrint compatible printer, then the procedure of printing from iPhones is trouble-free. It is because you have to follow the traditional printing process with your I phones or Ipads as discussed below. 

  • Connect with Wifi:

First of all, you have to connect your wireless printer and your i-phone with the same wifi connection. If the connection varies, then you can’t print.

  • Open any program:

Once connected with the wifi network, now follow the simple printing process. You have to open any program from where you want to send the printing job to your printers, such as safari, albums, email, native notes and many other similar to these apps.

  • Send print job:

After opening the program, now you have to send the printing data to your printer. For this task, you have to tap on the “share” button of your IOS device. This button usually appears at the top right of the screen. Now here you have so many options to share the file, you have to choose “Airprint” from the list. 

  • Select printer:

Now wait for a moment and let your IOS device detect the available printers list. Once you get the list tsp on your default printer’s name. If your printer is not on the list, then there may be some issue in your wifi network. You have to refresh or reset the connection. 

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  • Tap OK to print:

Once you find the printer’s name in the list, then tap on it and then hit on the “OK” button to complete the printing process. Your printer has started printing, and you have achieved the mission.

See, the process is almost similar to the traditional printing process. You do not have to suffer too much if you have an AirPrint compatible printer. But this doesn’t mean if the printer is non-compatible then you have to suffer a lot. It is because the method of printing via IOS devices with a printer which is not capable of printing with the Airprint app is also uncomplicated as discussed below. 

How to print without Airprint compatible printers?

Now step forward in the discussion of how I make my printer Airprint by discussing the solution for printing without Airprint. All the reputed printer’s brands have introduced their app, which allows you to print from your i-phone without using Airprint. For example, Canon prints inkjet/selphy for canon wireless printers, HP eprint for HP printers, and Lexmark mobile print for Lexmark printers. These apps are available in the App store of your i-phone or iPad. You download or install them to replace the Airprint app.  

Apart from this if your printer’s brand didn’t have introduced an app which allows you to print with IOS devices, then do not get fed up. It is because we have a solution for this also. Just go to the app store on your Apple device and search for printopia, handprint, or printer pro app. These three apps will allow you to print from your IOS devices if you do not have an AirPrint compatible printer.

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Once you have got the app, then follow the below-given procedure to print without the Airprint app from your iPhone or Ipads. We ensure that after getting the process, you are not going to feel bad anymore.

  • Download and install the app:

First of all, you have to download the specific app, which allows you to fulfil your printing needs. You can choose any from the above-advised list as per your convenience. If your printer has its app, then uses it as a great option. Install the specific app in your Apple Smartphone device. 

  • Connect with the internet:

Now the next step is similar to the Airprint printing procedure. You have to create the same wifi connection for your wireless printer and IOS device. Make sure that you have used your home wifi network to avoid any trouble. 

  • Print by using the specific app:

Now you have to follow the similar printing process that you always use to print from your desktops. Open the program or app from where you want to print the content. Now you have to select the content from the program and tap on the share button. 

This time you have to choose the app that you have installed to print via your i-phone from the sharing options. The rest process is similar to the Airprint app. You will get the list of available printers, and you have to choose your default one from the list and tap on the print button. 

Final lines!

Hope you have got the solution for how to make my printer Airprint. The procedure is uncomplicated and trouble-free, as discussed above. If you don’t have an AirPrint compatible printer, then you can download the specific app as discussed in this article to print via your Apple devices.