How do I prepare my Project and Team to outstaffing

Software outstaffing allows you to reduce the workforce and efficiently carry out the necessary tasks in a short time. Outstaffing is gaining popularity and this service is well established by leading companies that can quickly provide a work team. How can constant employees of your business prepare for outstaffing? Let’s discuss the steps to take for preparing your own team and the project to outstaffing. 

 After choosing a proven company that provides it outstaffing services and determining the roles that need to be overstaffed, then you need to follow the next steps.

Step 1: Formulate the requirements for the outstaffing team.

The goal is to provide as much detailed information as possible, which the supplier company will take into account when selecting suitable resources for your project. Indicate the following: 1) Information about the project. This includes the project industry, the users of the project’s technologies, the skill level you would expect from the developers, and examples of tasks they should be able to perform. 2)Job skills requirements. 3)Communication skills requirements. 4)Workflow requirements. These include the time zone of the developers, the duration of the work, the task manager that you use to control the work. 5)

Expectations of the budget. By specifying them, you will save time by providing expectations of the budget to developers so that the outaffing team can assess if they can meet your requirements.

Step 2: Select developers according to their CVs.

Based on the information provided, the company providing its outstaffing services will select the developers who are most suitable for your requirements based on their resumes. Usually, you have several CVs to choose from, and you need to decide which developers you want to interview.

Step 3: Working interviewing.

To ensure that the skills of prospective employees match those described, you will need to appoint a meeting with them and interview them.

It is best to conduct the interview at two levels: General level, at which the project director or other contact person speaks with the developer and makes sure that the attitude, understanding and personal qualities of the developer are suitable for the project. Technical level: at such an interview, a person with a technical education will check the experience and knowledge of the future candidate.

Step 4: Hire the outstaff developers.

After choosing a developer, the next stage includes signing a contract and paying in advance for the work of the development team. The process consists of making sure you agree to the agreement; that the rates indicated by the company are suitable for you.

Step 5: Integrate Developers.

 This is one of the most difficult parts, and some projects stop even before they start. At this stage, it is important to set up processes and communications, as well as provide access to them. The company ordering outstaffing services is responsible for providing the terms of the contract, informing about all the provisions, rules and processes of which new members of the work team must adhere.

Conclusions. The list of elements can be expanded, and the integration of each role requires its own specifics, therefore, only the most important roles are listed in the article. To summarize, it is important to consider: 

1) Give the correct information about the requirements for the project. 2) Make sure the candidates meet your requirements. 3) Ensure the correct integration process.Dedicated team from Devox Software will be engaging in your own project and will be aiding you in the development of necessary software also in fulfillment of other tasks. You can trust the experience of specialists, such as UX/Ui designers, the mobile developers, software engineers and other ones because they will achieve all goals of the project quickly and efficiently.