How Does SPC Flooring Machine Guarantee the Best SPC Flooring?

The best SPC flooring is a one hundred percent waterproof vinyl with a signature stable, rigid core, known for its sturdy built and durability. The SPC in its name refers to its composition, which is the stone polymer composite. It is quickly becoming known as the gold standard for vinyl flooring due to its affordability, applicability, moisture resistance, and other notable features that we will also discuss in this article. 

In case you are still wondering about the best SPC flooring, this article will guide you to know its merits and ways to produce it. Let’s scroll down to find something more. 

Merits of the Best SPC Flooring

SPC flooring has many advantages that make it stand out from other flooring types. Let’s say:

  • It is more affordable than WPC vinyl flooring, natural stone flooring, or wood flooring.
  • It is perfect for installation in various commercial spaces.
  • The best SPC flooring is way more durable than other flooring options like WPC and wood. 
  • SPC flooring is less prone to dents from heavy furniture and is an excellent choice for commercial purposes.
  • Another essential quality is that it will not contract or expand due to moisture. In fact, it comprises a hundred percent waterproof core, making it moisture-resistant from above and below. 
  • Lastly, it is low maintenance. It is easy to clean and maintain by using a simple mop. After that, the floor will look fabulous.

Consequently, the SPC flooring is trendy all around the globe with all the above-mentioned excellent characteristics that it offers. However, an excellent product will not exist without a capable machine. So, it is important for you to find a trustworthy machine to guarantee its quality. Let’s learn more about this point.

What is the SPC Flooring Machine?

The SPC flooring machine is used for the production of eco-friendly SPC vinyl flooring tile. In addition, the best SPC flooring machine consists of different equipment. Here is a brief rundown:

  • A twin-screw extruder that extrudes the raw materials to a molten state.
  • A T-die molder to mold the hot molten material to the shape of the board.
  • A calendar unit that is the baseboard calendaring with a fixed thickness of the panel (remember, the process conditions directly affect the quality of the tile). 
  • A traction machine.
  • A cutting machine to determine the length of the board.
  • An automatic flipping and stacker system that stacks the board together to save manual labor.

How to Produce the Best SPC Flooring?

The best SPC flooring machine should have high productivity, stable performance, power-saving, and a low failure rate. Only in this way can the SPC flooring machine guarantee the quality of the best SPC flooring. And the main process to produce the best SPC flooring should contain the following steps:

  • Material mix
  • Plank extrusion
  • UV coating and tempering
  • Saw cutting
  • Click slotting
  • IXPE backing lamination
  • QC inspection
  • Packing

Where to Find the Best SPC Flooring Machine?

With all discussion above, we already know the advantages of SPC flooring and now need a capable machine to guarantee flooring quality. There is no doubt that there are uncountable SPC flooring machine manufacturers on the market. Out of all of them, however, Boyu has been offering unbeatable quality, reliability, safety, and the latest technology for SPC flooring machines or equipment, integrating design, production, and sales/after-sales services for over two decades. So, the followings are the main reasons to choose Boyu as your next partner.

  • Boyu products meet international standards and offer a multitude of benefits, from people safety and environmentally friendly to easy-to-operate and research & development.
  • The Boyu products, including SPC flooring machines, are undoubtedly known for their energy conservation capabilities, along with being free of formaldehyde and heavy metals. 
  • The operations of the product are efficient and stable with a high yield and low consumption value. 
  • Boyu holds many certifications and patents (for example, over and above 60 technical patents), making it the best SPC floor machine producer.

If you are enthusiastic about the SPC flooring production line, Boyu is your trustworthy partner who can offer you numerous benefits. Now, contact for more details regarding the best SPC flooring solutions offered by Boyu.