How is CrossFit different from the gym?

CrossFit has been on the scene for years but has made itself more well known to the masses recently. Often described as addictive, it’s a fitness approach that people buy into and enjoy more than others. 

As an exercise programme that’s constantly changing, you’ll work on everything from your strength and muscle growth to your endurance and sheer determination. One day you might be doing the workout of the day, the next it could be something completely different. If CrossFit is something you’re interested in or you’re thinking of giving it a try instead of the gym, let’s take a look at how it differs.

It can be more social

How many times have you walked into the gym, put your earbuds in, blasted your music loud and started working out. Let’s face it, barely anyone has a chat with anybody else in the gym. CrossFit gyms have become a modern-day social club, where people can go to train and meet other like minded people. 

Membership fees are higher

One of the biggest differences between the gym and CrossFit is that often your CrossFit membership will be much higher. You’ll find that your local gyms are having to compete with their pricing structure, whereas CrossFit groups are more niche and in-demand, and therefore able to charge much more. Although it may be worth the price you pay, you’ll have to make sure you’ve budgeted to be able to afford the monthly or quarterly payments, or risk losing your spot!

You’ll be using basic equipment

Forget smith, chest and back machines that you find in the gym, CrossFit will have you training using the most basic equipment. With an array of Olympic weight bars, pull-up bars and kettlebells, it’s proof that you don’t need anything fancy to get fitter. 

Your progress is tracked

The most regularly completed workouts you’ll do are called benchmarks. These are typically done every three to six months and involve you completing a number of exercises to get a clear picture of how fit you are. For example, this could see you completing 100 pull-ups, 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups and 100 squats. Benchmarks are a great way to see if there is a deficiency in your fitness to help you improve your weaker areas. 

Every day is different

CrossFit inspires you to become a well-rounded athlete, as opposed to being good at just lifting or running. The methodology is based on the belief that routine is the enemy, and trainers want you to complete a workout that offers the greatest variety of exercises possible. You can essentially train CrossFit every day for months on end without completing the same workout twice. If you like variety and being kept on your toes, it’s probably for you!

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